Akashic Records Courses

Discover the Key to Accessing Your Soul Purpose at the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom

Your soul has a unique mission, and by accessing your Akashic Record you can not only uncover that mission but be given clear, tangible guidance for how to fulfill it. The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom is here to help you tap into your highest soul potential, access your divine guides, and show you how to create the life you desire.
By accessing your Akashic Record you can:
Open your heart to receive support
Learn tools to release karma and old patterns
Gain clarity around steps you need to take next
access your akashic records

access your akashic records

Clear your personal energy field and set healthy boundaries
Learn to update or release soul contracts that no longer serve you
Raise your energy vibration to increase your healing powers
Clear money blocks to facilitate the flow of money into your life
Learn how your past lives affect this life and reclaim talents
Understand the difficult relationships in your life and how to heal them

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Access the Akashic Wisdom for Another
Are you ready to start a Spiritual Career? One where you can support other people’s soul growth as you support yourself financially.
In this One Year, Akashic Certification Training, we start with learning to access the Records for clients, including all the details of working with people and starting a business.
By learning and practicing how to give Akashic Consultations, you will be able to help bring clarity, insight, and understanding to others through the Akashic.
You will learn how to work with the Akashic energy to release the old patterns, karma, vows, and past-life traumas of your clients.
We will also spend time practicing doing a consultation with each other and volunteers as you strengthen your trust in the wisdom you are channeling. We’ll have time for questions about your practice and the consulting work you’re doing on your own.
There are Four Sections to the deep training. You’ll learn how to do Quantum Healing for yourself and your clients. You’ll also learn to transform your personal limiting money beliefs so we can clear blocks to create a successful business. I will support you to get out in the world with a successful Akashic Career. There are many people looking for Akashic Guidance and by the end of this one Year’s Training, you will be a well-trained and Certified Akashic Consultant and Healer.

As a pre-requisite, students need to complete courses 1 and 2. Also known as Self-Mastery.