Clearing Entities and Energy Patterns

How Clear Is Your Energy Field?

As we awaken to our awareness of ourselves as part of a collective consciousness, one of the great lessons we each must master involves energy: knowing what is ours, and what we’ve unintentionally taken on. Empaths and other sensitives, especially, are prone to absorbing the energy of those around them — and then wondering why they feel drained or exhausted.

You’re affected by other people’s energy every day. When you feel a sensation that is incongruous to who you are or your current state of being, it can affect you more than you might imagine. 

It may show up in your body as a physical pain or discomfort, or it could be an emotion that is confusing to you, such as feeling depressed when just yesterday you were happy. These are signs that this may be energy, thoughts or feelings from someone else, and it’s a good time to focus on creating boundaries.


Setting Boundaries for Clear Energy

One of the best ways to keep your energy clean is to set good boundaries. However, if you were raised in a family that didn’t have clear or healthy boundaries, you are also likely to lack healthy boundaries. 

When we use the word “boundaries,” we mean having your own space. Your own space includes your physical body and your energy bodies, known as the auric field around you. Creating boundaries is the easiest way to fill yourself up with your highest energy, which lets people know they cannot take your energy. It is your energy; therefore, it’s important to create your own personal bubble holding your energy, which is already naturally occurring in your body, energy bodies and aura. 

There is a huge bonus to owning your own space by creating personal boundaries. When you learn to create your boundaries, much more of you moves into alignment with your higher self and your soul. You are then able to open the door to infinite possibilities, making it easier to be on your Soul Path. 


Mergers Aren’t Necessarily Beneficial

Some families like to blend their energies. If you were raised in a family that merged their energies, it could feel loving and warm. Even so, be aware there may be an agenda included in such a merging. 

Other family members may expect you to be in service to them, or to follow the path they have laid out for you. That path could be a career path, religious path, or relationship path. Your parents may believe that being a doctor or an engineer is best for you, but your soul has its own agenda, a path that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with following either of those careers. 

Your soul purpose may be as an author of a spiritual healing book, helping to raise the consciousness of humanity. Possibly it is to work in the political arena to help reorganize communities and restructure the outdated systems they continue to use. Just know, when you are inundated by the energies of other people, it’s hard to know your Soul Path and purpose. 


Space Invaders: Removing Entities From Your Energy Field

For some people, though, boundaries are not the biggest challenge. All people have multiple layers of information, which means healing is never “one size fits all.”

Some people feel or notice an occasional negative or dark energy that they are sure isn’t their own energy, but since they’re not usually taught this esoteric information, they can be unsure as to what it is or what to do about it. 

Entities, or un-embodied souls, can come into our space, causing this confusing feeling. We can experience it as anger, or as not feeling like ourselves, almost being “someone else” for a while. 

Entities that live in your personal energy field often have contracts with us. If this is a particular issue for you, you may wish to have an Akashic Records consultation to receive personal information about these contracts to complete the clearing for good. 

The following prayer may be used on a personal level to release any energy that interferes with your own personal evolution and guidance. You may also use it for other people if they desire assistance. You can also use it in house clearing, especially if you feel the presence of disembodied spirits or ghosts. 



I call upon Archangel Michael and his Legions alongside the

Akashic Beings of Light and Divine Source.

Please surround me with your Light and Love.

Keep me protected and safe as I order the release and

clearing of all energies, interferences, thoughts, feelings, patterns,

programming and imprinting across all time and space,

in all dimensions and levels and all places and planes that are not in

alignment with my Highest and Best Akashic Blueprint.

You are to leave my body, mind, and energy field Now and forever!

Please remove and recycle this energy for the highest good of all.

So It Is. Amen.


During October, when the veils between worlds are thin and holidays such as Halloween and Day of the Dead are celebrated by millions of people worldwide, it’s vitally important to keep your boundaries strong and your energy clear, so that the only energy in your field is yours. Clean energy enables you to more easily recognize and fulfill your Soul Path and purpose, and thus contribute to your role in planetary evolution.


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