How will an Akashic Consultation help, heal and support me?


  • When you are at a crossroad and have choices to make, an Akashic Consultation will help you gain clarity about your next step.
  • Blocks and constriction may come from your childhood, from a trauma last week or from numerous past lives. We look at all the layers of an issue to clear and release these blocks, no matter where they come from.
  • Do you see the world as a small place? The Akashic Master will show you the view of your soul throughout time immemorial. This can completely change your perspective on a situation or even a challenging trauma.
  • Many people receive messages and intuitive hits but they don’t trust them. An Akashic Consultation will help you receive validation so you can get on your path.
  • Remembering the truth of your soul as an ancient and wise soul along with realizing your soul’s lineage will support your life now.
  • The Akashic Records are full of profound information and wisdom to support. It is also the realm of Source and the healing goes deep. You will receive the unconditional Love of Source and the Beings of Light along with energy healing and clearing so you can easily move forward on your path.
  • We all have energy programs and patterns from childhood, from our families, teachers and ancestral lineage. We can clear these patterns so you are free to make the choice that is in your best interest.
  • When you are ready for a change, a 1 degree shift in perspective, will take you, over time, in a completely different direct. Let your personal Akashic Masters assist you in creating a big shifts easily.
  • Do you know that much of what you feel and think isn’t even yours? In the Akashic Records we will clear and return unwanted energy and beliefs from whence they came. Find out what it feels like to be You!