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Nowadays, everyone is so busy in their daily lives that they don’t even remember that they are a human first. Our soul is the core of who we are. Meanwhile, our soul has traveled through various lifetimes to make us who we are today. All your problems and hardships result from your karmic journey. By discovering the truth about your soul’s journey, you will be able to understand better, heal, and succeed by accessing your akashic records.


Let me help you discover your Soul’s Plan, Path and Purpose from within your Akashic Record.

  • Do you feel like you are at a crossroad in your life? Need to gain crystal clarity?
  • Has your revenue plateaued? Are you ready to break through your glass ceiling?
  • Do you wonder if you’re on your soul path or what your purpose might be?
  • Are you ready to find true love or wanting to improve your existing relationship?

Through the Akashic Records, you will receive soul guidance from your Akashic Masters in order to help you move forward with certainty.

One – 55 min Personal Session $ 444

Three – 55 min Personal Sessions Save 10% $ 1332 $1200

Six – 55 min Personal Sessions Save 15% $ 2664 $2200

Need an earlier Akashic records reading appointment?

I want you to get the help you need,  so I’ll recommend some expert akashic teachers to you. I have personally trained and Certified Akashic Consultants who are also Akashic Record Teachers.They have many years of experience and are passionate about helping you move forward now.

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What is Akashic Records Reading?

The word Akasha means space or sky. Akashic Records contain our soul book, including our current life information and previous and future life information. In other words, it has complete information regarding all our lives that we have lived in the past as well as what we intend for the future. 

It is a powerful & robust process; you will be able to recognize answers to all your queries through Akashic reading.

Furthermore, being in your records can be a therapeutic experience that allows you to make life-changing changes in your mind, body, and emotions. It can also assist you in getting unstuck and attaining inspiration and insight regarding a certain situation in your life.

Personal Akashic Records Reading Sessions / Packages

You have a Soul Plan and a Life Manual that, at times, feels as though you want a different plan, and you are missing some highly significant pages from your life’s manual. I’ve developed packages to help you heal the emotional pain, trauma, and challenges from past lives and this life, which include Karma, Old Contracts, and Vows.

Many of us have complex and challenging lives, even if our life has been generally good. It has taken each of us a lifetime to come to this point of knowing this can’t be it. We deserve to have clarity on our path in this lifetime and release the blocked energy.

If you’re ready to change your life in a significant way, you will want to pick one of my powerful Akashic Records Reading and Healings packages. I only have a couple of questions for you. Do you have a deep desire to know the answer? No problem, we can work on them in a one-hour session.

However, for many people, one-hour sessions are just not enough. There seems to be a pattern; from the perspective of thousands of clients I have worked with within their Akashic Records: they need one to two sessions every ten years of their lives.

If you are ready to do a deep dive into old beliefs, past life reading, clear past life karma, pain, and any trauma that shows up as blocks and fears; and give yourself clear direction on how to change your path by getting enrolled in our Akashic records reading course & Akashic records reading training and become a certified akashic reader. 

By getting certified with our akashic records reading course, you will be able to do an Akashic reading of your own records as well as other people’s records too.

Subject Ideas you may wish to work on in your sessions:

MONEY/FINANCES/ABUNDANCE: You can find answers to your money-related queries in your own akashic records. By using your own records you can identify the causes of poor finances and overcome these financial issues. Meanwhile, you can open up various financial doors. 

If you want financial abundance, it can also be achieved through reading your own records. 

WORK/CAREER/PURPOSE: Are you satisfied with your career? Get supported by the universe in your career by accessing your records with Lisa Barnett. If you line up your career with the purpose of your soul, you’re more likely to attain positive end results.

ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS: We will look at the previous patterns of your life such as childhood trauma and childhood relationship to attract the right soul partner. We are here to guide you to heal the pain and open your heart to perceive love. 

RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF: Get guidance from us on how to build a strong and deeper self-loving relationship by accessing your akashic records. You will get to know the areas in which you are lacking perceive self-love and need to pay attention.

FRIENDSHIPS/FAMILY: Manifest healthy relationships with your friends & family by learning to access your akashic records with us. Your own records will provide you with an unmatched opportunity for healing, improvement, and growth in your close relationships. 

SPIRITUAL/PERSONAL GROWTH: If you are focused on practicing spiritual growth, I can teach you to gain valuable insights regarding your spiritual purpose & facilitate your spiritual growth. 

Personal Akashic Records Reading Sessions INCLUDE:

Energy clearing and release from Karmic entanglement, soul contracts and past life vows. Clear blocks and fears causing you emotional pain and trauma. Pain-body release technique to help you let go of accumulated emotional pain, from both past and current lives.

We have a few options to choose from depending on how quickly you want to see results, how much time you need to speak with me, or based on your budget level.

Wondering how many sessions for you? Look to your age. If you are 60 years old you may wish to start with a Six Session Package; or if you are 30 years old you may wish to start with the Three Session package.

Business and Career Akashic Sessions

How do I make more money in my business? I’m not making enough money! Why? What’s wrong with me?

Looking to receive soul guidance for your business to be sure you are in alignment with your soul contract. I have multiple session packages that offer you ongoing business coaching and mentoring through the Akashic Record.

Did you know your business has a soul and you have a contract with it? Yes, it is part of your path. And your career is also part of your path, just in a different way.

Receiving clarity on your soul contracts with your business or career are powerful ways to create abundance and affect the lives of others. Clearing past live karmic patterns can positively affect your business’s relationships and revenue.

Your Career / Business Akashic Records Reading Session will assist you to receive:

  • Assistance in how to make timely and strategic choices to benefit your business, such as choosing a business partner, jobs, relationships with co-workers and or business partners with positive soul contracts.
  • Align your soul purpose with your business,
  • Choose business projects and business contracts based on alignment and powerful energy.
  • Release past-life wounds, karmic patterns or vows that affect your business.
  • Reclaim positive energy to support you in creating a soul-aligned business.
  • Clear patterns that block prosperity in your business and prevent you from pursuing your true calling.

Many of my clients think getting information from the Akashic Records is a shortcut to success: No more time and money wasting tasks.

One – 55 min Business/Career Session $444

Three – 55 min Business/Career Sessions – Save 10% $ 1332  $1200

Six – 55 min Business/Career Sessions – Save 15% $ 2664  $2200

Need an earlier appointment? I only have room for a few clients, but I still want you to get the help you need, so…

I have personally trained and certified Akashic Consultants who are also Akashic Record Teachers. They have years of experience and are passionate about helping you get unstuck and move forward now. Click to learn more or book a session.


Taking part in our akashic records reading session means accepting full responsibility for yourself. It is completely up to you whether to use or not to use the information that occurs from your akashic records reading.


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