Danna Ashva

Danna Ashva lives in the Southern Oregon countryside with her horses and her Irish Setter. She loves helping people become their best selves by accessing their soul’s information in the Akashic Records. No blame, no shame, no judgment is her mantra and she has a quiet, gentle way of guiding you to the answers you seek. She is especially good at clearing trauma, healing hearts and helping you to see yourself as the Universe sees you – perfect, whole and holy.

An animal communicator and horse enthusiast, Danna was drawn to study the Akashic records after having a reading and learning that animals have records too. She saw the potential of accessing their records during animal communication sessions and believed the Akashic information would be invaluable. The link between past and present lives of the animal and the person who loves them has proven to be truly next level

Danna can help you in all areas of your life including relationships with others, clearing past or present life trauma, helping you see your own true inner beauty, reading land and property records, deepening your relationship with your pet by understanding why they do what they do, even exploring past lives together! Be open to all possibilities in the infinite Akashic field and book a session today.


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