Empower Your Inner Goddess

Release Divine Feminine Trauma from your Past Lives – Step into your Empowered Goddess Self

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Manual with the Healing Prayer Tools and Energy Grace Points

Session 1: Goddess Temple Clearing

This week we will bring you back in time to an age in which we lived in the Goddess Temples. We were Oracles, teachers and healers for the community. It was a beautify and powerful time in history. Over time the Patriarchy took over and unbalanced the masculine/feminine energy by destroying the Goddess temples. Learn a simple clearing tool to support the clearing the Akashic Masters do for you. We will clear and remove the emotion pain and trauma that still lingers from these past lives.

Click Here to Download the mp3

Session 2: Karma Healing Prayers

This week you will learn a Powerful Healing Prayer to release Karma. The Master of the Akashic Field tell me that Karma is being released in the higher etheric planes and it’s time for you to acknowledge this and release it from you heart now. You will also learn clearing prayers to remove people from your space so you can truly feel and know who you are. Another prayer will further support you by aligning you with your soul self. We’ll do very powerful group clearing with the prayers.

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Session 3: Energetic Grace Points

This week we will bring you back in time to a place where you were slaves or prostitutes. You’ll receive clearing of the emotional pain and trauma from these past lives. We will also do a Balancing for the Divine Masculine and Feminine after we clear some of this pain of the past lives. Learn 3 energetic points in your hand called Grace Points. You can use these prayers daily to clear and release unwanted thoughts and belief from your mind, from your body and from your genetic and ancestral lineage. You’ll learn how to use them for integration also. During the past life clearing you will be able to add this new tool to make the healing deeper and more powerful for you.

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Session 4: Reclaim Your Power

This week we will bring you back in time to a place where you were powerful female rulers but misused your power. After the misuse and negative effects you had on your kingdom you vowed to not be a powerful women again. We’ll clear past life Vows. We will also clear the Collective Unconscious beliefs that power is bad. Using the tools they’ve learned in the 1st 3 weeks plus my healing energy through the Akashic Record you will feel the energy shift so you can step into being the power goddess you have come to be.

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Bonus: Guided, Guarded, and Protected Meditation

Do you know which thoughts and feelings are yours and which one come from someone else? Have you thought that you don’t have good boundaries with people and don’t know how to create them? It is very surprising to know that for most people 60-90% of their emotions & thoughts aren’t even theirs. By clearing your energy field and filling yourself up with your “personal best” energy, you can claim your own feelings and find your way in life with your true desires, not someone else’s. When you complete this guided meditation, you will have a clear energy field, from the inside out and this will allow you to be guided and protected as you take your next steps. Without building walls, you will also be guarded and solid, like a beautiful Golden Egg. Try this meditation everyday for a week and you will see your world change around you as you claim your Souls energy and purpose. Click Here to Download the mp3

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Lisa cleared energy and healed karmic chords and I instantly felt lighter.

After a re-connection with an ex partner from over 2 decades ago, I was struggling to understand the feelings we were both experiencing in this rekindled friendship as these feelings were very intense. Lisa accessed my Akashic Record to see what e...

Rachel S.
United Kingdom
For the first time in years, I can see a clear path to reignite my passion for my profession.

I cannot say enough good things about Lisa and her Akashic reading.  Having really looked forward to the reading, I could not believe it when my 2 alarms did not go off and I was 10 minutes late. I could not help but think, “What in the World d...

Dianna A.
Owner, OH
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