Finding Balance in Relationships

The Akashic Masters are very clear that balance in all aspects of our lives is essential for us to create a New Earth. Balance offers the light that we need to see through any darkness we find ourselves in, whether it be individual or collective. They also want me to remind you that finding balance throughout our lives is a marathon, not a sprint and I, for one, am so grateful we have a tool like the Akashic Records to help us along the way.


Permanent balance?


I once heard someone say, “There is no such thing as balance. Only moving toward balance or away from it.” The Akashic Masters have asked each of us to identify one area of our lives to raise awareness of whether or not we are moving toward or away from balance. This month, I want to talk about the symmetry – or lack of it – in our relationships.

I don’t necessarily mean romantic relationships. We have relationships with co workers, friends, family members, and children. Relationships exist within the institutions we are involved in, be it a church or a school. They extend to neighbors, relatives beyond our immediate families and those who may work for us in some capacity.

Every time you have continuous interaction with another human, you are in a relationship. And women often find themselves, whether it be because of DNA or cultural conditioning, in the role of caring more about someone else’s feelings or situation at the expense of their own emotions and needs.


Flipping the tables


Jason booked a session because he and his wife were considering divorce. They were going to counseling but he didn’t feel they were making much headway. He and his wife had three children, all still living at home, and he wanted to be sure they explored every option before hiring an attorney.


When we opened Jason’s Akashic Records he was living as a woman in the 17th century. Her name was Agnes, and she was married to a man who owned a successful barber shop. Agnes made sure everything ran smoothly in the home so her husband could focus solely on his business.


This meant she got their two children up at the crack of dawn. She made breakfast, prepared her son to go to school and started her daughter’s lessons as there was no formal education for girls. Her days were full and over time we watched as she shopped at the market, prepared meals, made tallow candles, washed clothes, and kept the house clean. All in addition to taking care of the children.


As we watched the years progress, the children eventually left to start families of their own.  The responsibilities that had once filled Agnes’ life were gone and she was left feeling empty and alone. She tried to insert herself into her husband’s business without success, and often her attempts resulted in rejection and anger from him.


The barbershop grew and her husband hired other barbers, but Agnes felt she had no purpose. Both children had moved far away from home and it’s not like she could take a train or a bus to visit so time with the grandchildren was limited to holidays. By the time Agnes died, her body had literally shriveled from a lack of connection.




“Oh my God!” Jason exclaimed when we were finished. “This is the trajectory my wife is on. How did I not see this?” He loved her and wanted to stay married and although their children were still young, he clearly saw what the future would hold if he didn’t find a way to bring balance into their relationship.

I heard from him several months later, and he shared that he brought his experience into couple’s therapy. “I was afraid the therapist would think I was crazy, not to mention my wife, but I knew finding balance in our relationship was the key to us staying married.”

Jason offered to take on more responsibility at home so his wife could explore some of her passions. It took a while because she was so entrenched in her role, but slowly she began to explore things she wanted to do before she became a wife and mother. He was right. It was the missing ingredient in their marriage. Two years later, they are still married, and his wife has nurtured her love for music by joining a choir and taking piano lessons.

What it can look like when things change


Whether we are on the giving end, used to co dependence and people pleasing, or on the receiving end, familiar with being taken care of and used to someone always being there for us regardless of our availability, it’s time to bring balance into the relationships we have with those who matter most. 


As we talked about last month, change is a process. It’s not like flipping a light switch. As you identify and begin to bring balance to your relationships, this may mean letting go of those that stubbornly refuse to live in balance. It may require you to step outside your comfort zone and offer grace to those you care about. The important thing is that you find ways to be kind to yourself when you return to old habits that are firmly anchored. 


The Akashic Records are here to help you on this journey and It doesn’t matter where you are on the path because I’ve written four books that cover all levels of interest and experience.


From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life (Amazon link: is a great place to start. You’ll get immediate gratification and healing results by using the prayers and meditations in this book. 


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Finally, AKASHA, part of the Common Sentience series (link to site w/4 free gifts: empowers you to explore the infinite intelligence of your soul by sharing stories from those who’ve experienced the mystical powers of the Akasha. This book comes with four free gifts to encourage your commitment.


Choose one that feels right for you and take the next step on the road to becoming who you came here to be. And please let me know if there are other ways I can support your intention to be a part of the team creating a New Earth.


Until next time…


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I now choose to release the beliefs, fear and  

creations that have impacted my ability to have a loving relationship with another. 

I discharge old patterns that hold emotional pain.  

I stand in alignment with my competence to have a healthy and loving relationship.  

This is in accordance with my highest good.  

I am choosing to create love in all that I do. 

I am living my life in Love.  

So it is. Blessed Be.

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