Finding Balance in Your Career Is Necessary to Create a New Earth

The Akashic Masters tell me we are transitioning from our current concept of “career” into one where we share our skills and talents in ways that are much more aligned with our true nature. For decades, we’ve been told the 9-5 life was the ideal. Millions of us fell in step, even if it didn’t feel right. We allowed the power of the macrocosm to override our internal compass. For a New Earth to emerge, our ideas about career must transform.

Where does the current career model come from?

The idea of working forty hours a week in five eight-hour shifts took hold as a union response to the terrible conditions forced upon factory employees in the mid-19th century. Terrible hours and dangerous workplaces gave birth to unions that demanded a better environment for their members, and Henry Ford is often credited for the model going mainstream in the 1920s.

At the time, this new standard was considered to be a solution, but it was really just a step in the evolution of what a work life can look like. In the last few decades, we’ve rebelled against the parameters of the current structure and the pandemic escalated people’s intolerance for such a stringent framework.

While side hustles and entrepreneurship are the current methods used by most who are dissatisfied with the current norm, more change and balance are needed for us to step into a New Earth.

The career merry-go-round


A long-time client, Carol spent a lot of time focused on healing her familial relationships. As that energy was cleared, she began to take a look at how she was using her education and experience in her career.

A vice president at a top-tier accounting firm, she reached a place where she could no longer deny how unhappy she was. “I don’t want to start my own business,” she told me. “I’m not even sure I want to stay in accounting.” An expert baker, friends had been pushing her for years to make her cakes and pies for money rather than as gifts for special occasions.

“I love baking, but I’m not interested in owning a bakery,” she admitted. “I feel so lost. I’m not the kind of person to sell Tupperware or jewelry and I don’t want to be a mogul. But I want to resolve this before I reach a point at work where I quit without an idea of what’s next because I just can’t stand it anymore.”

The Akashic Records held the key


When we opened Carol’s Akashic Records, we saw her as a teenager trying to convince her parents to let her travel abroad with a friend’s family. They gave her every excuse as to why it wasn’t a good idea – from the length of the trip across the Atlantic to the dangers of European men. How much she wanted to go didn’t matter.

Then as a young woman, she wanted nothing more than to work with the local farrier. She loved being around horses and the idea of working in that field lit her up. Once again, her parents stepped in and insisted she find a husband and settle down. “Girls don’t have jobs,” her father told her.

Married to a man she wasn’t in love with, an arrangement designed to please her parents, Carol’s husband had very narrow ideas of what it meant to be a wife. The things that Carol wanted, like learning how to play the piano and exploring other parts of the world, were immediately shot down. 

Even with her children, Carol’s desire to participate in how they were raised was dismissed by him. He insisted that it was the nanny’s job to care for their children. Her focus, he insisted, was running the household and entertaining his colleagues and clients.

When we were done, Carol blurted out, “I’ve never believed I can have what I really want.” This powerful realization was the start of a new leg of her journey. “I’ve always just gone along with the program,” she shared. “I loved numbers, but I don’t know that I ever wanted to be an accountant. But I was good at it. And I kept getting promoted. Who’s going to turn down a vice presidency? It was the holy grail to my father.”

We talked for a moment about the difference between labeling something comfortable when it’s really just familiar and when we said good-bye, Carol knew she’d reached a turning point.

Change is both fast and slow


The next time we spoke, Carol told me she realized that she’d bought into needing to find her “one life purpose,” a message prevalent in our culture. “I think it’s a lie,” she said. “I’ve decided I can do all the things I love because my purpose is to experience all the things that bring me joy.” 

It took her a while to figure out the details in a way that worked for her because there were practical considerations like health insurance and paying bills. After deciding she was willing to downsize, Carol sold her house and bought a condo. “I can have what I want!” she said, and I could hear the smile. “I don’t want to do just one thing. It feels so limiting.”  

She eventually resigned from the firm where she’d worked for fifteen years and took a part-time job as a bookkeeper, sharing that it satisfied her love of playing with numbers without the levels of rules she endured as an accountant. Her experience was so valuable to them she was able to negotiate for health insurance as part of her salary.

In addition, she got a job on a horse farm for a few hours a week and started a blog about the changes she was making. Finally, she found people willing to barter the things she wanted to learn, like how to play the guitar, for baked goods. 


You can take the next step

Often we talk ourselves out of making changes before we even try, afraid of what will happen if things don’t go according to our plan. But what if we trusted they would work out beyond our wildest dreams? What if we had faith that the Universe/Source has our best-interest held in the quantum mind? 

Taking a step to find balance in your career – and by career, I mean the whole of using your skills and talents – can be scary. Clearing out old energy, fear patterns, karma and past vows can support your journey and change your trajectory. It just takes one step to move onto a new timeline and trajectory.

If you’re interested in furthering your understanding of the Akashic Records, I’ll be at the New Living Expo at the Marin Center in San Rafael, CA April 19th through the 21st. First, I’m participating in a panel on Friday, the 19th called Common Sentience with five other fabulous speakers.

Then Saturday, I’m doing a free workshop where I’ll be discussing Quantum Energy and the Akashic Records.

I’ll also have a booth for the entire expo where I’ll be doing readings to access your personal Akashic Records. If you’re in the area, grab a ticket!

As always, I am here to serve you as you take new steps toward creating a New Earth. Please let me know how I can support you.

Til next time…



Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I am centered in my body as I align my  

mind, spirit and body with my soul purpose and Dharma. 

I embrace the unique soul that I am as I embody my soul gifts. 

I incorporate consistent spiritual practices in my life. 

I am of service to my family and community in ways that align with my light. 

I am grateful for the ease in which love and grace flow through my life. 

So it is. Blessed Be. 

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