Finding Your Way to Feeling Safe

In this installment of the Building a Foundation series, I’d like to talk about what it means to feel safe. So many of us have experienced early trauma and this can impact our ability to feel secure, even in the spaces we create ourselves. The Akashic Masters are here to show you how you can feel calm and peaceful in your body and mind.

The Body Mind Connection
Feeling safe isn’t something that only happens in your mind. The body, specifically the nervous system, is an important factor in our ability to feel secure. When we experience trauma early in our lives, or carry it over from a past life, our body senses “danger.”
This danger is most likely to be a situation or a person that reminds us of a time when we didn’t feel safe. It’s likely to plunge us into a state of fight or flight and can cause a cascade of reactions within the body, including an increase in both adrenalin and cortisol.

The Fallout from Not Feeling Safe
Being in a state of fight or flight puts a filter on the lens through which we see the world and often causes us to behave in ways that we wouldn’t if we felt safe. We make different choices and decisions from this state. We may say things, driven by that feeling of not being secure, that we wouldn’t ordinarily.
The unfortunate thing is that this can happen with no warning that would allow us to excuse ourselves from work or a meeting. No time to politely end a conversation at a party. Zero response time when someone is rude. Like water cascading over rocks, emotions can tumble out of us, and we feel like we have no control over how we react.

What Can Happen When You Don’t Feel Safe
Roberta was introduced to me by another client. She found herself in a similar situation to the one she’d been in at her last job – feeling taken advantage of, frustrated and betrayed. “I up and quit the last time,” she admitted to me. “It really took its toll financially and I want to do it differently this time.”
The more we talked, the more evident it became that her last job wasn’t the only place she had “run away from.” She had a history of allowing emotion to build and when it got to the point of overwhelm, she just walked out. Staying and trying to resolve any conflict had never been an option.

Let’s Start at the Foundation
The first thing I noticed as we began the process of opening her Akashic Records was that her root chakra was blocked. Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is the foundation for all the other chakras. It’s where feelings of safety, worthiness, and security stem from. When it’s clear, you feel grounded and able to withstand life’s challenges, to go with the flow.
When it’s blocked, as in Roberta’s case, it can cause life to be chaotic. I asked the Akashic Masters for their guidance to unblock her root chakra and open the path to understanding what had happened in another lifetime that caused her to feel so unsafe.

The Value of Chakra Clearing
We discovered that in a past life, Roberta’s house had burned to the ground when she was a young girl. The family became homeless and bounced from relative to neighbor while her parents tried to figure out how to rebuild.
The Akashic Masters gently showed us the fear that took root in Roberta in that life. She might have been a child, but she felt the terror her parents tried to hide from her and her siblings. As the oldest, she took on the responsibility of assuring her younger brother and sister that everything was all right. This was her merely mirroring what her parents told her, but she never really believed it was true.
In this life, Roberta became the perfect student, not wanting to add another burden to her parents’ lives. She helped to care for her siblings to alleviate the pressure she sensed her mother and father felt. At a very young age she learned how to run interference with people to whom her parents owed money because she believed she was protecting them.
“Oh my God,” Roberta sobbed as we wrapped up. “I have done those same exact things at my job and then resented the devil out of it when I wasn’t acknowledged.”

Important Next Steps
Roberta was able to resolve so much in our session. She realized that at every job she’d walked out on, she hadn’t felt safe, and when the attempts she made to prove her worthiness were ignored, she resigned in anger.
All of this was a very important first step. Roberta took what she’d learned in our session and continued to work on developing her communication skills, finding ways to have conversations about what was happening in this life without allowing emotions from a past life to enter the discussion.
In the end, she left the job she had when we first met, but it was done in a peaceful way that honored who she was rather than running away from something she didn’t know how to deal with.
Early trauma affects the root chakra and so many other areas of our lives and the Akashic Records are a valuable tool in resolving that past chaos so you can be completely present in this life. If you’re interested in knowing more about how you can recognize, heal, and repair your soul’s traumatic experiences, start with the free quiz on site.
As always, I’m available to support your journey. If I can be of service, please contact me through the Akashic Knowing web site. I look forward to connecting.

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I ask for assistance in releasing the
trauma and pain in my life that has stopped me from trusting.
Please help me to be strong and to know there are many souls here to support me.
Their intentions are noble and I trust myself to be safe with them.
I relax and open my heart to feel their goodness.
I give great thanks each time a kind and loving soul assists me on my path.
So it is. Blessed Be.

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