How to Build a Foundation for New Beliefs

If you want to start fresh in 2023, why not take the remaining time in this year to ask yourself what beliefs have held you back from experiencing the life you really want? The Akashic Masters assure me this will set you up for a new year that is filled with reconnection to your true self and empower you to create the relationships and situations that foster joy and love.


The beliefs we carry


We all come into this world without any beliefs at all. Little by little, as we are exposed to caregivers, teachers, and societal messages, we begin to form perceptions that can easily harden into beliefs. Some of them serve us while others are an impediment, moving us further away from our true selves in an effort to belong and be accepted within our family of origin.


Many of these beliefs are formed before we even have cognitive abilities, which make them challenging to excavate. We learn so much through non-verbal communication, just watching adults and older children around us. Then we carry what we’ve learned into our adulthood, unconscious of what drives us to make the choices we do.


Why it’s really the most wonderful time of the year


Every year, Lucy makes an appointment with me at the beginning of December. It’s become tradition for us to ask the Akashic Masters to show us pieces of the previous year that reveal at least one belief that has made her life more difficult. This year was no different.


After catching up a bit, we settled in and connected with the Akashic Masters. We made Lucy’s intention clear, and we were not disappointed. In a series of scenes, we witnessed different experiences from her life over the last twelve months. The shell that had protected Lucy from seeing a belief that impacted her life in a profound way cracked open and freed her to create a new level of the life she wants. 


Time to see the patterns


Lucy is a writer and loves nothing more than researching to prep for an article. We watched her dive into reports that helped her understand new EPA regulations for diesel engines, explore statistics around violence toward transgender people, and analyze the history of urban development in a major city. 


The Akashic Masters showed us several times where she organized and constructed plans for family events. There was a brief scene where she talked on the phone with a friend about a problem she was having while searching for the answer that would solve it. The appearance was that Lucy is a thoughtful friend and family member, a true professional and concerned with keeping facts straight.


After we exited her Akashic Records and began to talk, Lucy acknowledged that what we saw could also mean she was a bit of control freak. “I just know I can do it better than most,” she laughed. “And most of the time, people let me.”


The belief beneath the pattern


As our conversation continued, she began to see that her first thought wasn’t the entire story either. “Consummate professional” was a mask as well. “I remember earlier this year an editor called me out on a statistic in an article I’d written,” she told me. “I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. I pride myself on perfection in my writing and I was really disturbed by the accusation.”


We finished our session, but it was only the next day when she wrote to me with the amazing discovery of what was underneath the drive to figure things out, to be perfect at anything she did.


As I processed our time together, I kept coming back to that experience with my editor.

I realized she didn’t really accuse me. It was more like she just wanted me to double check.

It bothered me that I made it out to be something it wasn’t when we were talking and it

kept niggling at me. When I journaled the next morning, it hit me. I only feel safe when

I have things figured out. Her asking me if that statistic was correct threw me back to

childhood and I suddenly felt very unsafe. I realized that as a kid I believed if I had it 

figured out I was less likely to get hurt. I had no idea I’d brought that with me. Imagine, I’m

45 and still acting the way I did as a child when something makes me feel unsafe.


This revelation was life-changing for her. And all because she made herself a priority at the end of the year, setting aside the drama the holidays can create, and exploring her behavior to clearly identify a belief that held her back.


You can’t change unless you know


This belief was deeply seeded in Lucy, but she is committed to changing the behavior created by it and that’s how the belief itself will change. She shared that when she feels the drive to figure something out or to be perfect, she now asks herself where she’s not feeling safe. By addressing what’s really going on, her journey of change will be much shorter.


It’s the perfect time of the year for this kind of work. The end of a year closes a cycle so why not begin a new one in a stronger and more informed place? The Akashic Masters and I are here to help in any way we can. From classes to one-on-one sessions, you can learn how to access your Akashic Records and dissolve the beliefs that don’t serve you. To get you started, I’ve included the Prayer for Releasing Old Beliefs below.


Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, I hope you do it with joy and love and connect with those who matter to you in a meaningful way!


Until next time,




Mother, Father, Goddess, God, help me to grow so that I can comfortably 

take responsibility for my actions and my life. 

I understand that I AM a Creator Being having a human experience. 

I release old blame and beliefs that anyone has “done this to me.” 

I stand in my power as a Divine Creator of my life experience.

So it is. Blessed Be.


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