How to Find Balance In How You Show Yourself to the World

We usually find the balance between who we really are and what we show the world by wearing an invisible mask. One that protects us from being ostracized and saves those who are not comfortable with who we really are from examining the beliefs that cause their discomfort. The Akashic Masters tell me there is another way to navigate the world and that if we are to collaborate in building the New Earth that we must learn it.

Are you too much?

Many of us were told as children that we were too something. Too sensitive or logical. Too blunt, too loud, too quiet. So, we learned to wear a mask to appease whoever thought we were too whatever. We toned it down or livened it up. Tried to grow a thicker skin or buried our tendency toward the rational. We subverted our true selves because we felt it was necessary to stay safe.

When we remove the mask as adults, we often hear (or feel) the same sentiments from our childhood, and it goes right back on. We use it as a shield to protect our feelings and egos from the reality of not being like others. It’s understandable. No one wants to feel like the odd man out. Being human means we want to belong, to connect with others. But constantly wearing a mask hides who we are not only from others, but from ourselves.

Safety and Survival

Tina came to me after a dust up at work. “I constantly get told that I’m too much to deal with,” she told me. “I’m just being me. After years of therapy because I hid myself thanks to the comments my parents always made, I feel like I have the right to be who I am. But I don’t want to get fired.”

She hoped exploring her past lives could provide some answers.

As soon as we opened her Akashic Records, we saw her as a little girl, the only daughter in a family of boys. She loved wearing trousers, climbing trees, and getting dirty. Her mother did not. Tina was constantly reprimanded to “behave like a lady” and to calm down. Her father even threatened to disown her if she didn’t settle into a routine more suited to a “young girl not a hooligan.”

Every time Tina was forced to be someone she wasn’t, a little more of her light was hidden. But she was never able to keep it covered for long. When she was disciplined in school for playing baseball with the boys at lunch instead of sitting with the girls and dressing up dolls, her father exploded and sent her to boarding school.

At an all-girls school, she was forced to behave by their rules of what being a female looked like which included wearing skirts and dresses, limited physical activity and no pillow fights. This put her on a seesaw of capitulation and rebellion. She’d obey until she couldn’t take it anymore, then she’d do something completely out of bounds and get punished for it. In her immature mind, it created a belief that she wasn’t entitled to be who she was.

As we observed her life unfold, we watched her shrink – in spirit and in body. She never found a relationship that lasted and died in the family home, which her brothers allowed her to live in since the inheritance was equally divided among them per her father’s will. The spunk she displayed as a little girl had been doused by societal conventions and the authority of her father.

Do overs

Tina was silent for a while after we closed her Akashic Records. Watching this lifetime hit close to home with her current situation. She didn’t have a lot to say, and it was clear there was processing to be done. But when I did hear from her a few weeks later, the excitement from the insight she’d received shot through the phone!

“I took a few days off from work to get some perspective,” she shared. “I did a real spring cleaning on my house and when I went to vacuum the dining room, I turned on the light, but the dimmer was down really low. As I turned it up, it occurred that I could do that with me.”

I asked her to explain. 

“Turning up that switch made me realize that not everyone could handle me at the brightest setting. But I could tone it down without losing who I was. I always saw it as black and white. I was either me or I wasn’t. It never occurred to me that there were levels.”

We chatted about ways she could do this, especially at work. “I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate your facilitating this,” she said. “I don’t know that I ever would have realized this had I not seen what happened to me in that other lifetime.”

Balance in showing who we are

Using the dimmer switch on her dining room light as inspiration, Tina discovered how to move through her job, with its various responsibilities and co worker personalities, while not losing herself. This kind of conscious revealing is not masking. It’s intentional. It serves a purpose. One that allows you to be who you are while getting what you need and want.

The Akashic Records have been so valuable in my life, and I regularly see the benefits in the lives of people I work with. Whether you’re curious or have some experience, there are multiple ways to learn more about your past lives and how they influence the one you currently lead.

My two latest books provide an easy entry point while also supporting those with more experience and there four free gifts come with the purchase of each. Akasha ( addresses why we make the soul contracts that we do and offers five ways you can access your own Akashic Records. Understand Your Soul Plan 

( takes you on a journey of self-discovery so you can embrace the path your soul has laid out for you. They can be used together or individually to suit your needs.

It’s time to reveal the aspects of ourselves we’ve kept hidden so we can fully participate in the creation of the New Earth. Let me know how I can support you.

Until next time…



Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I claim my uniqueness and I liberate the  

collective consciousness that has held me in constraint.  

I am free of all holds that seized my self-worth. 

I step away from the desire for public approval.  

I release the group contracts and agreements that no longer serve my highest good  

and move beyond the limitations of authority. 

I AM worthy to express as my God self and do so now and each day forward. 

I claim this Truth for myself and all I meet. 

So it is. Blessed Be.  

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