How to Read Your Own Akashic Records?

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The Akashic Records Reading bridges the person you think you are and the person you were meant to be. They are a database of your beliefs, bits of information, and lessons from all of your lives.

Many believe that anyone who wishes to access their Akashic Records. The majority of Akashic practitioners maintain that the Akashic Records are accurate. If you are new to the idea of the Akashic records, you probably want to know how to read them. 


What is the Reading of Akashic Records?


An exceptional, intimate, and one-of-a-kind experience is Akashic Records Reading. To open the channel and attain the wakefulness of spiritual guidance begins with moralizing through the Sacred Prayer. It involves giving and receiving messages full of love and compassion. Our previous experiences accompany our soul on its next journey of new life.

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Simply put, we have the impression that our soul is never alone and is always supported by the unreserved love of previous lives. As a result, reading the Akashic Records is a divine, observable manifestation of a soul’s divine origin and the soul’s migrations from the unknown and unknowable.

As a result, reading is an inspired reading of a person’s divine soul story.


What Are the Three Main Parts of Readings of Akashic Records?


When a person’s Akashic Records are opened, the following three main components come together to form the Reading’s flow:

Receiver: The intention of the person whose records are opened drives every Akashic Record Reading. The individual in the center of the Reading is referred to as the receiver.

Reader: The individual that assists in opening the Akashic Records for the receiver is called the reader. The reader conducts and directs the Akashic Records within agreements solely focused on the receiver.

Reading: The reader’s retrieval, reception, and transmission of knowledge to the receiver from the receiver’s Akashic Records constitutes Reading.


How to read your own akashic records?


When attempting to read your own Akashic records, you will need to adhere to a few straightforward steps:


 Identifying and concentrating on your research


First, decide what you want to find before accessing your Akashic records. If your answer is yes to this, you need to connect to your Akashic Records immediately. Your search will go nowhere if you don’t decide what you’re looking for. Accessing any helpful information will be highly challenging for you.


Building positive connections


Reach out to people who add positivity to find relationships. List questions or topics that might help you find the information. Make questions as straightforward as possible. This list will act as an assistant.


Making a list


Relevant to your immediate life, list a problem you’re having and then look for the information you want. Furthermore, focus your search on a particular thing and note any relevant information to your prior experience.


Search for one question at a time to fully concentrate


Searching for queries one by one will help you concentrate on one aspect of your life at a time. Adopting this strategy makes it easier to see with more clarity on a subject. Focusing on your relationships, career, health, and other personal interests needs individual attention, or you might get lost in finding your answers.


Recite aloud


Recite your question aloud and request directions that convey your intention. Say out loud when you are reading your Akashic records. Concentrate on the question you have given priority to. Be watchful throughout your search, as it is your top priority. Be sure your questions are presented as concisely as possible. For instance, what jobs did I have in previous lives that might help me figure out what I should be doing now?


Always pick a tranquil setting


Try to read your Akashic records anywhere, but it will resonate more with your purpose if you do so in a secure location where nobody can interrupt you. Try doing it in your bedroom with the door closed, early in the morning, at night, or when no one can distract you. You can also make yourself cozy by using pillows or something more comfortable, like a blanket.


Take five deep breaths every time.


Inhale through your nose to the count, hold it, and exhale through your mouth, taking a few deep breaths after closing your eyes. Give four counts to every step you have now followed. As its effects are temporary,  you should keep doing it until you feel completely at peace.


Clear your inquiries through contemplation


In the wake of entering a condition of profound unwinding, center around your inquiries while getting all of the considerations utterly crazy. To remain focused:

Repeat your question. It’s normal if your mind wanders from time to time.

Whenever you notice that your mind is wandering off into everyday concerns, continue meditating more and more by reverting to your mantra. During the repeated meditations, take deep breaths.




You can read your Akashic records after meditating for at least five minutes. You can seek the permission with an open and loud voice or even quietly or by whispering to yourself. Continue your deep breaths in and out, routine, and get your mind cleared.




While you wait for the information to reach your consciousness, relax and wait after asking for access to the universe’s Akashic records and posing your question. Remain open-minded to any information that travels near your consciousness as it comes from your Akashic record. So meditate throughout this reading, and breathe deeply. Remember that many different forms can receive any information traveling towards you. Your soul wisdom or message can come to you by any five senses, like what you see, hear, smell, feel, or taste.


Always start by saying your name


Start introducing yourself by asking questions about any presence you feel around you. You will see or feel the presence of another person or soul around you when you access the Akashic records. While Introducing yourself, seek answers to your question once more in this circumstance. The presence may be a soul from your previous life you once knew. Take a moment or so to familiarize yourself with the situation and ask for assistance. You have better chances to access valuable information about your past lives.


What do I do now that I’ve read my Akashic Records?


When you access your akashic records, remember to perform the following actions immediately:

  1. Stop your meditation and slowly open your eyes after accessing your records.
  2. Become accustomed to your surroundings by opening your eyes.
  3. If you are lying down, get up.
  4. You can also sit or stand for some time.
  5. After you finish your meditation, think about what you went through.
  6. Keep a record of your experience.
  7. Try to do this meditation once a week, at the very least.
  8. You can also pose the question in the same manner as in the previous experience.

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