How We Define Gender Keeps Us Stuck in the Old World

What if you were free to express all of who you are – not just the softer feminine aspects nor the edgier traits of the masculine? The Akashic Masters tell me that creation of the New Earth is inextricably tied to us relinquishing the static beliefs and behaviors around what defines a man or a woman. It’s time to examine why we do this so we can be more of who we really are and experience the joy that accompanies it.


Just because it’s tradition doesn’t make it the best thing


The binary has been the norm for so long around gender that even the most open minded of us can shy away from conversations initiated by people who define themselves as non-binary, queer or trans. We allow it to make us uncomfortable and perhaps even to turn our backs.


The truth is most of us already use a balance of our male and female energy in our daily lives. It’s easy to confuse the outward manifestations of our concept of gender – what clothes to wear, whether make-up is appropriate, how we navigate the world – with the energies that drive us to move through the world in a particular way.


The Akashic Masters share that conditioning and fear are responsible for the gender boxes we use and for the way we judge those who refuse to be compartmentalized. We’re afraid of change, of allowing something we are unfamiliar with to permeate our individual bubbles. Instead of rejoicing that it may help us live as more of our authentic selves, the fear of the unknown sets in.


We’re already living beyond the binary


We can see over the last one-hundred years that the gender binary has begun to dissipate. Where men were once relegated to being the “bread winners” some have chosen to stay at home with their kids. Women who were not permitted to step outside the kitchen have high-level jobs that influence our economy. Queer and trans people have always existed, and many are done hiding who they are, regardless of the consequences.


Most of already use the doing and logic of the male energy in collaboration with the intuition and receptiveness of the female. Acknowledging this encourages us to accept the balance necessary for the New Earth to exist.


Having the courage to explore


If we already use both energies, why is it such a stretch for us to explore the gender we weren’t born into physically? This was the issue Denise had when she reached out for a private session. A construction foreman, she’d always worn the pants in her family so to speak. From childhood, her mother tried to dissuade her from her tomboy ways. She was never successful.


At nearly forty-five, Denise had been on a spiritual journey for two decades and had recently become aware that she felt completely out of touch with the feminine aspects of herself. “I work around men all day. I come home and tinker in my house, fix plumbing, change air filters. The weekends are filled with the sport of the season and recently I really feel the absence of my feminine energy and I don’t know how to access it.”


As soon as we opened her Akashic Records, we saw her as a little girl forced into the cultural ways of a “proper” female. Dressed in frilly clothes, she was not permitted to investigate the things that interested her like using tools to build or horseback riding, and she was not allowed to attend school like her brothers.


Instead, she was trained in the womanly ways of the time. The wealth of her family meant she didn’t need to take on responsibilities handled by women of a lower stature like managing the household and raising the children. Denise’s family had a housekeeper and a butler who worried about how bills got paid, dirty clothes became clean, and food was made.


It was clear, her job was to look pretty. Pretty enough for a wealthy man to want to marry her and merge his riches with her family’s to expand their power and influence. The images of her unhappiness were abundant, and she died young, the lack of joy evident in every facet of her life.


“No wonder I never wanted to wear a dress or play with dolls,” Denise laughed when we closed her Akashic Records. “I’m rebelling against a life that’s been over for hundreds of years.”


After we cleared the karmic pattern established in that life, Denise was free to explore more of her feminine side naturally. When I heard from her a few months later, she was delighted in how far she’d come in such a short amount of time. “I’m not putting on a tutu,” she laughed. “But I found myself interested in the ballet, so I went to a couple of shows. And I actually bought some lipstick and mascara. I’m letting that side of me out a little at a time. And it feels amazing!”


The result of exploration


While it’s true that we associate certain things with men and women, it really is the energy of how it makes you feel that is important. For Denise, putting on some make-up and going to the ballet made her feel softer. It connected her with her feminine energy. That may not be the case for everyone. It’s an individual journey. What’s important is having the courage to explore the gender you relate to the least. See what it has to show you, to teach you, about who you really are.


Finding balance between our feminine and masculine sides leads to a much more fulfilling life because regardless of the gender assigned at birth, we all carry both energies within us. Denying one because we are afraid of being criticized or judged only keeps us living in fear and the New Earth is all about facing those fears and doing what we feel led to do regardless of how scary it feels. This is how we learn to live an authentic life.

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Until next time..



Mother, Father, Goddess, God, please help me to feel the

divine balance of energy in my body.

I focus on my head and balance the right and left sides of the brain.

I move into my throat and balance the communication of truth with compassion.

I drop into my heart and balance the masculine channel and

feminine channel as I balance self-love, unconditional love and forgiveness.

I move down into my third chakras as

I balance my self-respect and self-esteem with my creative power.

I move into my fourth chakra and balance the male and female energies of work, motivation, sexuality, and joy.

I connect to Mother Earth through my root chakra, creating a grounding tail as

I connect to Father Sky through my crown chakra.

I AM a balanced bridge of light.

So It Is. Blessed Be.

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