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ancient wisdom graphicBe guided into a specific past life so you are able reclaim the positive energy and wisdom to benefit you now. Just set your intention to reclaim energy from when you were a successful entrepreneur, happily married, successful author, healer or scientist – whatever is important to you! You can re-listen to the recording as often as you’d like. You will reclaim different energies and different past life’s wisdom each time you return.
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This 18 page e-book will fill in missing information about your soul, its path and how the Akashic Records can help. It also answers some commonly asked questions about the Akashic Records.
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To verify the shift in energy we were experiencing when we opened our Akashic Record, we had aura photos taken. One photo before opening the Records (left) One photo after being in the Records for 30 minutes (Right) The aura photographs are a wonderful confirmation of the energy changes we feel when we moved from our “normal” state into the Akashic Field using these sacred vibrational keys.




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What you cleared for me really worked!

Dear Lisa, I am thrilled I found someone to help me heal. I’m feeling so much lighter! My mom and I had this super deep belly laugh for about 20 minutes straight which validates my energy shift. I felt like whatever was making me feel so den...

Heidi Grayce
I feel inspired and motivated

Hi Lisa,
Since my personal Akashic session I’ve been working on my business by leaps and bounds! I went from feeling lost and doing nothing on it to feeling inspired, motivated, taking action and excited!
Thank You Again.

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