Is It Possible to Find Balance in Your Relationship with Money?

Many of us grew up believing that money is the root of all evil. The infamous quote from the Bible actually says that it is the love of money that is the problem. This changes the meaning quite a bit. 

Regardless of which quote you’ve integrated into your belief system, many of us in the spiritual community often have issues with finding balance around money. This is out of fear that focusing on money in any way can impede our evolution. The Akashic Masters assure me this just isn’t true.

Money problems

Money in our culture is a complex topic. Riddled with beliefs that exist both in your personal microcosm – money doesn’t grow on trees, a real adult is responsible financially, save for a rainy day – as well as in the cultural macrocosm – you have to work hard to earn money, hustling is necessary to be wealthy, live within your means – it can be challenging to develop an authentic perception of what balance around money means. 

I prefer to think of money like the ocean. There is ebb and flow. And it’s all transient. Fear of losing money keeps us hoarding and fear of not having enough can cause us to do things that aren’t aligned with our true selves. Neither state is peaceful. When we can find that balance, understanding the ebb and flow, we land in the sweet spot of always knowing there is enough, regardless of appearances. This is the kind of behavior that supports the development of a New Earth.

Living in extremes

Jessica and I have worked together for a number of years. I’ve been fortunate to watch as she’s peeled back the layers of lies she came to believe as she grew up, as well the ones that come from societal “norms,” and grown into an authentic human being. For most of our time together, the focus has been on healing relationships. Without realizing it, this is why she came to me the last time, as well.

“I should be over the moon with my life,” she told me. “I have a safe circle of friends, a better relationship than I ever imagined possible with my mom and sister. I enjoy dating and meeting new people and I love my job.”

When I asked her what the issue was, she answered immediately. “Inside I feel like a little old lady counting her gold coins every day to make sure no one stole any.” She described the discomfort of holding on so tightly and the anxiety it created in her. She was ready to release the old patterns that kept her stuck here.

We opened her Akashic Records to see Jessica as a soldier on the battlefield. Badly injured, she returned home to find the house she grew up in burned to the ground and her entire family had perished with it. She vowed revenge and swore she would rebuild, that she would never be penniless again.

Over the course of her life, she built several successful businesses, from a blacksmith shop to a general store, but we watched time after time as she was presented with opportunities to be generous and instead chose to hold on tightly to what she had. Even with her wife and children.

The Akashic Masters showed us the end of her life where she was alone and scared because she had closed herself off from loving relationships by focusing on “counting her coins.”

We then were shown Jessica as a beautiful debutante who rebelled against her family’s wealth. Without her parents knowing, she gave away her possessions, donating clothes and money to a local convent until she had little left.

When her family discovered what she’d done, they disowned her. They threw her out of the family home, and she ended up on the streets relying on the kindness of others. She was often homeless and hungry, earning a pittance here and there helping with cleaning and washing. She died of a disease contracted from living in filth, owning nothing but the clothes she wore.

Jessica was deep in thought when we finished. “I wonder how many other lifetimes I lived in the extreme around money?” she asked. “I have worked so hard to find the middle in every other area of my life. I guess that’s why this felt so incredibly out of balance.”

We for the assistance of her Akashic Masters to clear her past vows and karma so she was free to build a different relationship with money. One where she felt empowered regardless of whether or not she had an abundance of it. One where she was in charge of her stability, not her bank account balance. A life where she felt equally good taking care of herself and being generous.

Six months later, she felt a lot more at peace around money. “For the first time, I feel like I’m living more in the middle,” she wrote. “I spent so much time when I was younger living beyond my income and the debt scared me so much that I became tightfisted when I finally started to make a good salary.” Her willingness to be guided by the Akashic Masters so she could find harmony, the ability to allow ebb and flow, in her finances, brought a new dimension to her life.

Finding this balance around finances is a struggle for many. Why not circumvent the lengthy suffering and check in with your Akashic Masters to identify where in your past lives you created patterns that cause the imbalance? 

This month, I am offering Course I LIVE ( I will teach you the 5-Step Wisdom Prayer System given to us by the Akashic Masters. We’ll get together on Zoom, 3 days, so you can learn how to access your own Akashic Records and begin to dissolve karma, vows, and patterns that will free you to live a life more aligned with who you really are. There are an abundance of bonuses and gifts that accompany registration so now is a great time to embark on this adventure!

Thank you for being part of the collaborative creation of a New Earth by releasing what no longer serves you with the help of the Akashic Records. As always, let me know if there are any other ways I can support your adventure!

Until next time…


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I am open to the flow of abundance. 

Please take me back, outside of time and space,  

to the origin of any lack or poverty consciousness I hold. 

I release the collective beliefs that affect me consciously and unconsciously. 

I liberate any beliefs which came from my family and ancestral lineage,  

and return them to their originator with love. 

I now create new space in my life and body to make new choices. 

I am free to follow my Soul Path. 

As I step into the flow of abundance, new ideas, situations and  

opportunities enhance my life with ease. 

I accept these blessings for all of humanity. 

I am filled with gratitude. 

So it is. Blessed be. 

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