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Learn more about the Akashic Records by browsing our listing of Akashic Record resources below.  Many include recorded interviews of Lisa sharing the power and wisdom of the Akashic Records.

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Listen to Radio Show interviews with Lisa

You Wealth Revolution with Darius Barazandeh

“New Paradigms for a New World” with Richard Dugan and Lisa Barnett

Unleash The Psychic Goddess Within with Susan Ortolano:
Empower Your life with Your Akashic Records

Inspired Conversations with Amy Schuber;
Learn about Lisa’s Book “From Questioning to Knowing”

Mind Matters with Ajayan Borys Hypnotherapist and Meditation Guru

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Short Life Lessons

by World Class Performer

I believe when we align to our soul’s plan, we can create our life with greater ease. My deep connection to the Akashic Records and the Record Keepers has been profound in reclaiming my Gifts & Talents from many lifetimes. I follow the Record Keepers’ suggestions, which has helped me to bring this work out into the world.… Read More

Understanding the Akashic Records

by Elevated Existence

Did you know that every thought, feeling, action, deed and intention from each of our
physical lifetimes leaves an energetic imprint behind? Everything from the past, present,
and even our potential for the future, is stored in what is known as the Akashic
Records, and each soul has Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light to track and guard
the information for them.,… Read More

What Akashic Records Can Teach You

by Beverly Golden of the Huffington Post

A defining moment that propelled me forward on my personal spiritual journey, was reading Out on a Limb, Shirley MacLaine’s 1983 autobiographical accounts of her own spiritual journey. My quest has led me down many revealing avenues, exploring so many possibilities, that they are far too numerous to even begin to list. It seems fitting that at this point in my journey,… Read More

Your Akashic Record Holds the Infinite Wisdom of Your Soul

by Lisa Barnett

The greatest storehouse of infinite knowledge you will ever explore awaits you in your Akashic Record. You have recorded every step you have taken in every lifetime and the wisdom you’ve amassed is there for you to access now. Those that study the Record often refer to it as a library. It is the divine library, where throughout time, soul Records of everyone and everything that has a soul have been stored. Every person has his or her own Akashic Record in which each individual soul’s journey throughout time is imprinted.… Read More

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