Lisa Ciardelli

I have worked over 40 plus years in the human potential movement. I have worked as a certified breath therapist and counseled, coached, and taught long transformational programs to many individuals. I have owned retail businesses and understand the ups and downs. I have lived an active life as mother, healer, wife and friend. I have journeyed through marriage and divorce, and am currently married again for 17 years to date. I have raised three beautiful children, witnessed their lives unfold as they have grown, married and born children. I have experienced my share of health and personal life challenges. I have suffered and rejoiced, struggled and succeeded.

Currently, I am working as a professional akashic record reader and am certified through the Akashic School of Knowing. As a clairvoyant I use this gift in my work. At times information is channeled through me. When that happens it is usually as we are wrapping up, and it comes through as an extra gift. I have read over a couple thousand records professionally and have a clientele world wide.


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