Living the New Now

Living the New Now:
What Soul Contracts Look Like Today

Fall is rooted in fresh starts: the new school year of childhood is imprinted on our being. But that doesn’t mean old, “survival patterning” isn’t still active, encoded in our DNA.

Too many people feel they are being punished for having been “bad” in a past life or too early to remember childhood incident. It’s time to realizing we are all in the middle of a learning phase for soul and spiritual growth. Learning the lesson behind the karma and connected soul contract may ease the distress and decrease the time one suffers. Often karma is enmeshed with a soul contract for greater learning and spiritual growth.

Our souls are so ancient that it’s impossible to put a number to it. We are infinite and all part of the One, whether we are conscious of it or not. This is why it is time to realize no one is “punishing” us, but that we as souls have chosen to grow.


How Our Souls Express Their Desire for Growth

For example, many hundreds of lifetimes ago, I made a major soul contract that is still active. I vowed to be of service to the Earth and to humanity. That type of service contract can mean different things to different people.

One person may feel their service is to help the sick or the poor as Mother Teresa did, while someone else may take their service into the soup kitchens or elementary schools. Some of us are helping to heal the Earth herself.

An individual choice to serve humanity might be through a scientific invention, such as developing a new way to share water so an arid land can grow more food. Or you may be drawn to be an oceanographer, called to help heal the oceans and reefs by clearing out plastic debris which is polluting, poisoning, and killing the ocean life and coral.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to complete these contracts. Every choice is just that, a choice. Before we embody each lifetime, our soul chooses what to work on so we can move forward on our path. Some of the many choices include deciding who to connect with personally and professionally, and determining the highest next step in our plan, which includes what karma and contracts we are to complete.

In every lifetime, most of us make new contracts that may also be part of collective soul contracts that are necessary to shift something significant. As you can see, our soul choices are complex and meaningful. Each choice our souls make is to offer our human selves experiences and opportunities to transcend with love and grace.


Collective Soul Contracts Are Critical Now

If you look at the many global changes presently affecting our planet, financial markets, health, food and water, you will understand why several large collective soul contracts have been created. Many souls have contracted in this lifetime to form different groups to protect and fight against the damage to our planet and its inhabitants.

What’s essential to understand is how these important soul group contracts often start out with those involved experiencing self-doubt and some type of trauma, which can result in emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual pain. There are so many contracts and so much karma a soul moves through in a lifetime, being part of the collective soul adds another level of pain to strengthen them for their job ahead.

One of the large group contracts I’ve seen in my clients and students are to be an Earth Guardian. These people have come to help guard and heal the planet herself. I say herself because our Earth has a feminine soul, and her name is Gaia.

As we are all aware, rapid population growth and a lack of respect for nature have put us in a precarious position. It is important that hundreds of thousands find tools, technology, and ways to clean up our land and oceans, to stop global warming and prevent the ice caps from melting. We must discover new ways to feed the people and identify ways to heal cancer and other illnesses. These are just a few of the immediate issues that humanity and our planet face.


Guardians for Gaia

Being an Earth Guardian is a powerful calling and one to take seriously. Often clients come to me because they are drawn to sit on the beach and bury their feet in the sand and meditate. They are sharing their high vibration with Gaia. When you can channel divine energy, bringing it through your body and into the Earth, you are giving both yourself and Gaia a powerful gift.

The interesting thing about many of the Earth Guardians is they often feel odd or like an outcast. They want to know if they’re crazy — or really receiving information to help heal the planet. Some have no training in meditation or healing of any kind, so this calling feels extremely uncomfortable and even scary. Many have never learned to trust their inner guidance or intuition. They simply appear odd to family and friends, causing them not to talk about their inner stirring to be of service.

Earth Guardians come with many talents and drives to serve. Many of the 20-year-olds, who are also referred to as Crystal Children, are studying science and technology, looking for new ways to change the trajectory of Earth by developing and finding new inventions and tools to heal the planet.

I am told by the Akashic Record Keepers that much of the technology coming into the planet today is actually ancient knowledge and technology that was stored in the Akashic Records of the Universe. We often say there is nothing new under the sun, and the truth is that everything is already given and complete. It’s up to us to discover and find a use for it.

As we move into autumn, season of renewal and release, harvest time, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to learn to trust your inner guidance. The Akashic Guides have given you a healing prayer to build self-trust.



Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I awaken to the memory of the ancient soul I AM.
With this memory, I know I can trust myself and my inner guidance.
I am a divine soul having a human experience and it is good.
So it is. Blessed Be.


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