How to Make Karma Your Friend

How to Make Karma Your Friend

The word karma carries a lot of emotional weight.

People perform acts of kindness in hopes of receiving good karma. Others think twice about doing something unkind out of fear that karma will “get” them. Some even perceive it as punishment.

In certain religions, karma is believed to be retribution for doing bad things in past lives that make your life miserable now. I prefer to look at karma as information – data that can help you to unlock the mysteries of your life and eliminate the suffering. It helps us to learn and grow spiritually and that’s one of the main reasons we incarnate on this beautiful blue-green planet.

The Akashic Records hold the key to uncovering karma that prevents you from having what you want.

Whether it’s an action you took in another life, a promise you made, or a vow you took, it’s never too late to clear your karma and free yourself to live your best life right now.

Often times what appear to be stumbling blocks are really karma blocking the road. They are a wake-up call to become conscious of your actions in this life. Maybe you want to be a healer, but develop one physical problem after the other. Or perhaps you want to feel financially secure, but every time you get close, a catastrophe occurs that wipes out your bank account.

I’ve seen karma prevent clients from achieving their goals and have experienced frustration around it in my own life. When the Akashic Masters showed me that karma was part of the equation and I worked to clear it, I was stunned at how quickly I then achieved what I wanted.

If you’re experiencing a challenge in this moment, it’s possible you’ve created an experience, whether it’s conscious or not, to learn from and clear outdated karma. Whether the situation is tied to family, career, finances or even health, the seed of freedom often rests in becoming aware of and liberating yourself from the energy surrounding that karma.

The Akashic Masters can offer you the information necessary to identify and move past unwanted karma, which is almost always based in forgiveness – of yourself as well as others. Forgiveness can be hard, so to help you with that process, you’ll find The Prayer for Forgiveness in my new book, From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life.

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