Akashic Records Meditations – Downloadable mp3s

Column of Light Meditation

The Akashic Masters offer a simple visual Akashic Records meditation to assist in connecting to them through your heart. This guided visualization was created to make the process easier.

The mediation is included in written form in From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life

This meditation will help you:
Activate your pineal glands, your master gland, for greater access to divine wisdom
Bridge Heaven and Earth as you connect Divine energy with Earth energy in your body

Open your heart to divine love utilizing Akashic Recrods reading

After this meditation you will:
Be surrounded and protected by the Akashic Column of Light
Have confidence the Akashic Masters are assisting in your healing
Be open to receive your divine guidance
Akashic Records Meditation

Infinite Connection Meditation

Create a powerful connection to your loved ones.

In this meditation, you will connect heart to heart consciously with people in your life. We often have unconscious and old cords or connections that are out dated and no longer are for your highest good. For example, you may feel that your parents treat you like a child and this can be part of the reason. Or you still miss your ex as a result of a cord of connection that still exists.

infinite connection
This meditation will help you:

Activate and connect your heart chakra to the heart chakra of family members, friends, workmates and others in your life with the help of Akashic Records reading. 

Consciously connect in This Present Moment to update and upgrade your relationship
Connect your communications levels to be able to speak with greater ease and clarity.
Connect your sixth chakra so be able to “See Eye to Eye” with people in your life
After this meditation you will:
Move out of old childhood energy with parents and feel the ease in present time connection
Be able to speak your truth and be heard by those around you

Feel a deeper connection with those around you with Akashic Records prayer

Mind, Spirit, Body Meditation

Did you know you have three brains?

In this meditation we will connect all of your brains to help you align these various levels of intuitive knowing and bring it into consciousness.

The Akashic Records meditation will help you:

Activate and connect your pineal and pituitary glands
Connect your mental knowledge with your spirit/heart wisdom
Connect your spirit/heart wisdom with your gut brain which holds the information of your body and your clairsentience.
After this meditation you will:
Feel the ease in connecting to your guidance
Feel more fully embodied and conscious of the vast wisdom in your head, heart & gut
Be protected as your access divine wisdom and expand into the truth of your soul

Golden Egg with Rainbow Shield

Are you often unclear as to which thoughts and feelings are yours and which ones come from someone else? Do you struggle to create and enforce boundaries with people? By filling yourself up with your “personal best” energy, you can find your way in life based on your true desires, not those of others. This upgraded akashic meditation has a Rainbow Shield to add and extra level of Protection for you all day and into the night for your astral body.

Akashic Records Meditation Course

This Akashic Records meditation course will help you:

Feel vulnerable, unguarded and drained
Feel anxious for no reason
Seem to attract unhealthy people or relationships
After this meditation you will:
Be clear of others’ emotions and thoughts
Have strong boundaries that help to keep you healthy
Be protected from entities and negative energy

Body Sweeping

Sweeping and clearing the body—both the physical and the energetic—can rid you of unwanted energy, especially those of other people and entities. While body sweeping does not guarantee enlightenment, when done weekly it will take you significantly closer to the state you seek.

This meditation will help you:
Are seeking enlightenment
Wish to be completely clear and free of outside energy, especially those of other people and entities
Are ready to work deeply
After this meditation you will:
Feel light and clear
Be more connected to Source/the Universe
Be closer to enlightenment
Akashic Records Meditation Course

Cosmic & Earth Energy to Support Your Body

It’s important to support your body as you spend time working in the Akashic Records. Especially if you are healer, as you will naturally become depleted faster than most people. Learning to run cosmic and earth energy will not only help sustain your physical body but will, in the process, render your healing work even more effective.

Akashic Records Meditation Course
This meditation will help you:
Are a healer of any kind, but especially an energy healer
Feel depleted doing intuitive or energy work
Need more energy
After this meditation you will:
Be able to heal others without depleting your own energy
Connect more powerfully to your intuition and healing forces
Feel more energetic

Energy Channel Clearing

We all have channels running through our bodies in which we can run healing energy. Most of us don’t focus on these channels so when we start doing healing work we find that they are clogged. But truly effective healing work can only be done once those channels are free and clear.

This meditation will help you: