Akashic Records Reading with our Certified Consultants

Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom Certified Consultants have gone through One Year of training plus 75 hours of practice Akashic Record readings. Their Akashic Healing readings are reviewed by three teachers, then confirmed in the Akashic Records of Akashic Knowing School, that it is time for their certification. This is not an easy or quick process, so you can be assured they are well qualified to help you discover your soul’s plan, heal any areas blocking you from being on your soul’s path with a strong sense of purpose. 


Through the Akashic Records reading, you will receive soul guidance from your Akashic Masters to help you move forward with certainty. We pride ourselves on the extensive training process each one of our Certified Consultants receives because we understand it is a privilege to work in the soul’s library for another, assisting you on your soul path.

Book your Appointment today if you find yourself:

  • At a crossroad in your life
  • Need to gain crystal clarity
  • Having money issues
  • Ready for a breakthrough on your journey to transformation
  • Wonder if you’re on your soul path
  • What your purpose might be
  • Ready to find true love
  • Want to improve your existing relationship?
One Hour Akashic Reading & Healing Session: $222

Meet the Akashic Records Consultants!

Danna Ashva


Danna Ashva lives in the Southern Oregon countryside with her horses and her Irish Setter. She loves helping people become their best selves by accessing their soul’s information in the Akashic Records. 

Debbie Johnson


Deborah has experience in Holistic Wellness. Her journey began over 30 years ago with Personal Messages and Healings with family members. 

Sandy Rakowitz


Sandy Rakowitz is a Soul Coach and Animal Medium working within the Akashic Records leading an Animal-Human-Awakening™ throughout her work. 

Erika Mason


Erika Osmann Mason has several Akashic Record Coaching specialties. One area is pain-relief: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually that can empower you to live your life more aligned with your soul purpose.

Lisa Ciardelli


I have worked over 40 plus years in the human potential movement. I have worked as a certified breath therapist and counseled, coached, and taught long transformational programs to many individuals.

Meg Zampino

Your Akashic Beings of Light are eager to talk with you! If you are new on your spiritual journey and uncertain what that journey looks like, I would enjoy helping you explore your Akashic Records. 

Amor Luz Pangilinan

As a minister – facilitator of the Akasha, the Akashic Records, I have grown to realize and continue to understand the power of (unconditional) love. And the power of self love. There are those of us that have been denied this self love since the day we were born and quite un-consciously, and my entire life journey has been dedicated to understand why.

Sarah Miller

I attribute my intuition and curiosity of metaphysics and energy to the meditative, independent ministry of listening to the still, small, voice inside from a young age. 

Rebecca Chang

 Rebecca lives near San Francisco, California, working with clients globally. Throughout her life, Rebecca made private and business life choices following the energy.

Robin Reiss


A highly intuitive, compassionate and gifted Akashic Record reader, Robin creates a sacred container that activates the energies of the Divine Feminine, awakening a greater clarity, awareness and guidance into your soul’s purpose, lessons, contracts and vows.

Katrina Zech


Katrina is a minister, therapist, counselor, teacher, healer and mystic who has worked in the field of wellness for over 25 years. Her passion is helping people find liberation from the suffering caused by trauma.


Taking part in our akashic records reading session means accepting full responsibility for yourself. It is completely up to you whether to use or not to use the information that occurs from your akashic records reading.

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