Rebecca Chang

Rebecca lives near San Francisco, California, working with clients globally. Throughout her life, Rebecca made private and business life choices following the energy. Her experiences, including navigating through the dark night of the soul journey and a cancer diagnosis and treatments in 2016, allow her to better support her clients and the issues they are facing.  

Born in Hong Kong, she moved to the US at an early age and also spent a year abroad in Germany. Rebecca had a successful corporate career in New York City but made a lifestyle change for better quality in her 40’s. These experiences created a deeper understanding and allowance of different cultures and life choices. She chose to study fine art photography and discovered energetic imageries in her work that led to a focus on energy work that can create shifts almost instantaneously with ease. 

In her consultations, the Akashic Record Keepers take advantage of Rebecca’s willingness to be in the question and her familiarity with different modalities to address the client’s unique needs and receptivity to solutions with ease. What is true for each of us on our path is unique, and the discovery, acknowledgment and receiving of what is true for you will set you free.


“My first connection with the AR Keepers was filled with so much love and joy! It is my intention to assist in bringing this joyful energy to you and the world – spilling out in trillions of points and rays of light.” ~ Rebecca


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