Reclaim Past Life Wisdom

  • Would you like support to step onto a new path in your life?
  • Do you have a creative idea but are insecure about implementing it?
  • Are you ready to be all that you can be?

You are a wise and ancient person with hundreds of lifetimes filled with amazing experiences. You have been or done most things imaginable. You have been the wise teacher and guide. You have written books and told stories. You have healed yourself and others of illness through many modalities such as acupuncture, herbs and tinctures, hands-on-healing and through Divine Consciousness. You have been a farmer and grow healthy food and herbs. You have had families and loved deeply. You have been a leader and help create governments. The truth is, there is little that you have not done.

Why is it that we often feel so small and incapable then? It is the game our soul plays. We wish to remember the truth of who we are. Wise and ancient souls who are able to create and manifest our desires.

This meditation is created with the intention to help you remember and reclaim this wisdom so you can move forward feeling supported and secure in creating exactly what your heart desires. This gift is from my Soul to yours.

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July 12th – August 23rd
Course 3: Teleseminar

September 1st -3rd
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These meditations have changed the dynamics in my family...

The Rainbow Shield Meditation along with the Infinite Connection Meditation has really changed the dynamics in my family with my teenagers and my husband.

I am so grateful for you and the lovely work that you're bringing to the world. I pra...

This is very powerful.

I’ve been doing your Soul Signature meditation daily, leaving my symbol everywhere in the galaxy. I have seen an increase in my clientele every day. I even saw you Soul Symbol written across the sky by 3 airplanes crossing. Beautiful validation....

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