Akashic Self Mastery Certification

Akashic Self Mastery Certification

2-Month Training


Discover the Key to Access Your Soul Purpose and

Plan so You Can Transform Your Life with Ease

Your soul has a unique mission, and by learning to access your Akashic Record you can uncover that mission and receive clear, tangible guidance for how to fulfill your Soul’s Plan.

Akashic Self Mastery 2-Month Training will take you deep into your personal Akashic Record. You will learn to communicate with your Akashic Record Keepers to understand the plan your Soul made before being born.

By accessing your Akashic Record you will:

· Open your heart to receive the support you need to follow your soul’s path

· Understand your relationships and how to heal them

· Align to your Soul’s Plan to assist you in creating the life your soul intended

· Clear your personal energy field to align to your purpose

· Receive tools to release karma that is keeping you stuck in old patterns

· Update your soul contracts and completion those that no longer serve you

· Raise your energy vibration, increase your healing gifts, as you strengthen your intuition and channel the Akashic Record Keepers

Your First Month Training:

In this first course, you will learn how to access your own Akashic Record, with Lisa’s clear 5 Step Wisdom Prayer System. You learn to use a vibrational key in the form of a sacred prayer, to simply open the door to divine guidance from the library of your soul. Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom is here to help you tap into your highest soul potential, access your divine Akashic Record Keepers and show you how to create the life you desire.

Akashic Career Mastery Manual 1

By accessing your Akashic Record you will:

  • Open your heart to receive the support you need to follow your soul’s path
  • Understand the relationships and how to heal them
  • Align to your Soul’s Plan to assist you in creating the life your soul intended
  • Clear your personal energy field so that you can set healthy boundaries
  • Receive tools to understand and release karma that is keeping you stuck in old patterns
  • Work with your soul contracts and bring to completion those that no longer serve you
  • Raise your energy vibration in order to increase your healing powers and strengthen your intuition

Your Second Month Training:

Access Ancient Soul Wisdom, Past Lives, Ancestral Lineage & Creativity
In this second course, you will explore the Greater Akashic Library of You. We learn to go into additional areas of your Akashic Record in order to gain greater wisdom into your soul’s purpose, contracts and karma you came to work through.
The more facets of your Akashic Record that you explore, the easier it will be see your life as a whole and how the choices you make affect it.


Among the things you will learn:

  • How to explore the past lives that may influence you and your current life situation
  • How to examine your ancestral lineage and learn why you may have chose your family of origin
  • How to discover talents you may be unaware of
  • How to heal your self esteem issue and move to Self Love
  • How to move outside of time and space to clear stuck energy
  • How to upgrade your creative energy

Meet Lisa

I’m Lisa Barnett and as an internationally-respected Akashic Record Transformational Teacher and the founder of Akashic Knowing School, I’ve spent 25 years working with clients in the spiritual healing realms.

As a channel of the Akashic Record wisdom and healing energy , I’ve already helped thousands of people around the world find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, and health by aligning with their Soul’s Path, understanding their Soul Contracts, and breaking out of constricting patterns by receiving information from their soul’s library.

I’m thrilled to announce a very special 2 Month Akashic Self Mastery class that is very dear to my soul. 



What students share about Lisa’s Akashic Training

  • Many insights into self-healing. Allowing guidance to be my own not via someone else.
  • More aware of energies that influence my health, joy, creations, desires, spiritual connections, how I manifest anything, and especially learning about positive & consistently effective ways to raise my energies and offset energetic sensitivity and energy attacks.
  • More direct access to joy, self-confidence, inner awareness, faith, inner strength, and soul guidance in new & concrete ways.
  • Direct feeling of Unconditional Love from Source/Universe.
  • Significant increase in feelings of gratitude & appreciation.
  • Hope for my future (this is a life saver class, not just life altering, in my opinion).
  • Freedom to believe, to take action in life, to explore the negative beliefs that hold me back, greater ability to love myself as I am – a spiritual being.

Dive Deep into your Akashic Self Mastery 

Learn how to shift out of old troubles, doubts, and fears; and move into being guided by your (true) soul self. Learn to trust that inner voice and realize that clarity and deep insight are available to you.

Starting on Thursday, June 2nd: 10am-3pm PT / 1pm-6pm ET

Plus these Bonuses:


3 Private Akashic Consultations with Certified Consultant

In each of your Akashic Reading & Healing Session, you will:
-Receive support on what may be blocking you personally
-Receive healing energy to upgrade your energy field
-Ask your personal, life question
-Some topics you might choose:
-Abundance/Money, Career/Purpose, Romantic or family relationships, or other challenges or issue that arise.


5 Separate Integration Sessions

In each 90-minute session, there will be:
-Exercises to support and deepen your connection with the Akashic Records
-Time to ask question about the Akashic experience
-Break out groups to share and meet other Akashic Students
-Akashic Healing time with Lisa


See Feel and Hear Guidance with Akashic Healing

Lisa uses the guidance from the Akashic Masters to clears blocks to your sixth sense gifts, on this 45 minute recorded healing call. She uses the guidance from the Akashic Masters to clears blocks to your sixth sense gifts. She opens the channels to your clairaudience, works on calcification in the Pineal to open your clairvoyance and reconnects your clairsentience with your claircognizance to move you into a state of deeper connection with your soul wisdom.



3 Meditation Tools to Support Your Akashic Training

When you complete these guided meditations, you will have a clear energy field, from the inside out and this will allow you to be guided and protected as you take your next steps. Without building walls, you will also be guarded and solid, like a beautiful Golden Egg.Try this meditation everyday for a week and you will see your world change around you as you claim your Souls energy and purpose.

Join this special 2 Month Self Mastery Certification Program
Akashic Self Mastery Certification Program 

1 Payment of



2 Payments of



3 Payments of



JUNE & JULY 2022

Course 1:
June 2, 3, 4 2022
10am to 3pm PT / 1pm to 6pm ET

Course 2
July 14, 15, 16
10am to 4pm PT / 1pm to 7pm ET

5 Total – Integration Sessions
June 9th, June 23rd, July 7th, July 20th, August 4th
10:30am to Noon PT / 1:30pm to 3pm ET

3 Total – Akashic Consultations with Certified Consultant
Schedule with Consultant

Testimonials from Lisa’s Students:

Lisa has helped me heal a deep sadness that was threatening my health. As she guided us through her activation I could sense what was doing. 
Even after 40 years of self growth, Gurus, Healing, other on-line activations, meditations and good food,  I could not let go of this burden I was carrying. 
The next day, I was a NEW PERSON, and 3 days later I still remember that feeling.  I have downloaded the recording to hear her again. I want to become her student.
Thank you so much for being a catalyst for my Healing,
Manon Laurin, Canada

Lisa helped me shift a very deep, long-standing self-loathing that I had been unable to shift despite years of clearing,  healing, and consciousness work. After the clearing I had pressure in my forehead and a slight headache. A few minutes later I felt much lighter.
That evening I caught sight of myself in a mirror and felt a heart connection. Later I noticed thoughts of compassion toward myself. The relentless barrage of criticism has eased up. I feel more hopeful about my life and future. This shift has been an incredible gift.
Thank you Lisa for the Graceful Being that you are and the powerful Love, Light and Transformation you are bringing to the planet with your Sacred work!
Much appreciation, 

Holy Moses! How many karmic lessons can we let go of in one call? Lisa Barnett rocked it!
Holy Moses is right! Lisa took us through one clearing after another and released old imprints that are preventing us from manifesting the incredible abundance that is waiting for all of us.
Lisa realigned the karma that has us entrenched in our limiting thoughts revolving around money and accessed The Akashic Masters who shined their light to clear poverty vows, from past lives and also blew the gates open to free us from ties that keep us enslaved in programs that had us chained to the hamster wheel of life. The comments from the call were overwhelming. The clearings were deep and empowering. Great call!
John Burgos, Host of Beyond the Ordinary Show (Telesummit)

First, I want to thank you for the gifts you shared with us tonight. Second, I wanted to tell you that I had the most amazing experience with your meditation.  It was at the part when I was at the party and was given all the amazing gifts.  With each gift my chest literally expanded and I felt my heart get huge.  I have never really meditated before this program so this is all new.  The whole time I was laying on the bed with my feet to the ground it was as if my chest was being lifted.  Thank you for this beautiful opportunity.
Extremely Honored,
Gillian Barreca


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