Steppingstones, Personal Power, and A New Earth

It’s hard to believe 2023 is nearly over. My intention for this year’s Akashic Knowing blogs was to detail what the Akashic Masters shared with me about personal power. 


Each month we touched on something that needed to be released or something we needed to make room for in order to access our own personal power. Each steppingstone was a guidepost to help us individually take the steps necessary to create a New Earth – a world the is expansive, inclusive, and loving.


What holds us back

In order for us to move toward a New Earth, each of us must first own our personal power. This is not possible as long as we hold onto beliefs and habits that don’t serve our authentic selves because they create a wall between our power and our human self, blocking our soul’s wisdom, which is what guides us to the people and experiences that serve our growth and reveal who we really are. 


All of what we hold onto, as well as what we resist receiving, is driven by pure ego. Ego created by programming and patterns that keep us from living our soul’s desire.


How to change

The level of awareness required to shift our thinking and behavior can only be cultivated. You can’t buy it. Or borrow it. It takes focus and energy and willingness to invest in not only ourselves, but those who will come after us. What we’re collectively working toward is our birthright as souls who’ve chosen to incarnate in this Earth school – the creation of A New Earth.

This is where the Akashic Records can be integral to progress.


How the Akashic Records Help – Releasing


Discovering the karma, promises, and patterns carried over from other lifetimes through delving into your Akashic Records brings awareness and helps to see where change is needed. 


This information is essential if you are to truly release fear, worry, self-doubt, resistance, and the need
to control. Those habits serve only to block your true power.

Earlier this year, I shared the story of my client, June, a super smart businesswoman who couldn’t reason or logic her way into making a decision about a business opportunity. When we explored her Akashic Records, we saw that she had been sick and fragile as a child in another lifetime. She was coddled and sheltered by her family in a way that never allowed her to develop confidence in her decisions or actions.

When she became aware of her experience in that life, she began to see the pattern of self-doubt threaded through the present. Although she was successful in many ways, the undercurrent of not believing in herself colored everything.


June realized her current life contained the same pattern. She let her mother, and even her big sister, make decisions for her, even to the point of overruling what she really wanted. I encouraged her to find the stillness and use that energy to realign with what mattered to her, what lit her up and made ger feel good. True personal power comes from being connected to all the reasons your soul incarnated in this life.


Because she took the time to explore her Akashic Records, June was able to do things, like spending time in nature, that allowed her to deeply hear with her soul’s desires. She chose to pass on the business opportunity and spend the time improving the connection to her soul, which eventually led her down a different career path where she is much more fulfilled and so much happier.


How the Akashic Records Help – Receiving


Many of us, especially as women, find receiving a challenge. We’re much more familiar with giving and

making sure everyone else’s needs are met. But if we don’t make room for faith, guidance, trust, purpose that feels unfamiliar, and most importantly authentic love, we will never fully own our personal power.


A few months ago, I wrote about my client, Chantel, who had built a successful career in the finance world. Although she was proud of herself for all she’d accomplished, she felt something was missing. Friends made suggestions, encouraging her to leave the industry, but she resisted and wasn’t sure why.


When we opened her Akashic Records, we learned she had been wed to a man she didn’t love even though she was intrigued by his wealth. He was controlling and chose everything for her – from the clothes she wore to the friends she could see. Unable to have children, she placated herself with the fun side of having money – exquisite gowns, traveling to exotic places and being admired, and even envied, by other women.


But after a while she grew bored and confided in a friend that she wanted to leave. When the friend betrayed her by telling her husband, he increased the level of control he exerted over her, which made her more miserable. She eventually ran away to stay with a cousin in another country, but her relative flipped the script and told her she had to find a job and pay rent. With no skills or experience, she ended up working as a laborer in a textile mill making barely enough to cover expenses.


By the time we finished, it was clear the expectation of betrayal was causing vacillation and preventing Chantel from experiencing her personal power. When she made time to continue studying her Akashic Records on her own, she cleared out what kept her from having the life she really wanted.


She made room in her life for trust and guidance and through a series of events, she discovered a local organization in need of someone to develop financial literacy curriculum for their clients, teaching women how to be more financially secure and become better stewards of their money so they could contribute to the world in a new way. She found a way to use the skills she’d worked so hard to build in a different way, one that made her feel good and like she was adding something valuable to the world. 


The key to claiming your personal power may very well be found in your Akashic Records and there are many ways to become familiar with them. I’ve written extensively about the ways you can work with your own Records. The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records and From Questioning to Knowing are filled with the wisdom shared with me by the Akashic Masters to help you on your journey.


I’m offering FOUR Free Gifts with my latest book, Akasha: Spiritual Experiences of Accessing the Infinite Intelligence of Our Souls and as always, you can book a personal session with me or one of my certified Akashic Consultants


I wish you the most joyous of endings as we close this year and look forward to sharing the latest wisdom from the Akashic Masters in next year’s blogs. It doesn’t matter what you do, just that you do something to add to the collective energy of creating A New Earth.



Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I AM Peace and this peace permeates my heart.

As I feel it in the depth of my soul, I expand this peace to embrace the world.

I AM PEACE. I know this is true for me. I know this is true for humanity.

So it is. Blessed Be.




As I know the truth of my divinity,

I begin to have an experience of myself as one who knows.
I know myself as the ancient and wise soul that I AM.
I am in alignment with my True Self and to the manifestation of all things.
My body and soul are healed and enlivened by the Light of the Divine.

I Am expansive. I am Love.
So it is. Blessed Be.


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