Steppingstones to Personal Power: The Fourth Thing You Need to Make Room For is Purpose

Over the last two decades, there have been dozens of books written about how to find your life’s purpose. The topic has been at the core of podcasts, blogs, and even mainstream entertainment. The issue with such a finite focus is that it doesn’t allow room for change. As you grow, so do your interests and desires. The Akashic Masters tell me that being attached to one particular purpose impedes your evolution, keeps you stuck in old patterns and can mitigate your personal power.


One life purpose?


I know I have multiple life purposes, including being a healer and a mother. For others, it feels like a more singular objective and there’s nothing wrong with that. The issue is when we limit ourselves to only what we know now and resist the guidance leading us to other paths.

In some ways it feels comforting to think we know what our life purpose is. The unfamiliar can be filled with anxiety and trepidation. But it’s only when we open up to the possibility that our purpose can change as we grow and transform that you can truly discover the meaning to your entire life.


What happens when the purpose doesn’t feel right anymore?


Andrea had been a client for several years when she contacted me about an issue that was bothering her. “I feel like I’m being pulled in two directions,” she told me. A social worker committed to supporting children with autism, Andrea was one of the most respected and adored employees at the organization where she worked. The kids loved her, as did their families and her employer.


“I really love what I do, but lately, I feel drawn to moving to Ireland.” She paused. “I know it makes absolutely no sense. There is a ton of red tape and how would I make money? I’d have to sell my house and what about my clients and their families? I sound, and feel, absolutely insane.”


I assured her that her sanity was intact and asked how long she’d felt this way. “If I’m honest, at least six months,” she admitted. “I keep telling myself I’m crazy. That it’s just nothing. But this niggle won’t go away.”


The secrets we carry into this life


We asked to be shown Andrea’s best path and opened her Akashic Records. The first thing we saw was a field of chaos. People were running everywhere screaming and it was obvious they were scared. As we focused, we saw the frenzy was taking place on a ship. There was a fierce storm and the water swelled over the sides, soaking the passengers, and making the boards slippery.


Andrea appeared as a young woman with a baby on her hip, dragging a little boy behind her as she tried to find a safe place to wait out the storm. We watched as a man grabbed her arm and pulled her and the children toward him. “You need to wait below,” he ordered.


She did as he instructed, but as they were about to go below deck, a giant wave crashed over the side, ripping the baby from Andrea’s arms, and sweeping the little boy off his feet. Soaked and hardly able to see, Andrea called their names, but her screams were lost in the noise of the panic. Frantically she searched, but never found them.


Next, we saw Andrea as she was about to make her transition, reminiscing with a nurse about the darkest day of her life when she was unable to save her children. “I swear if I have another life, I will do everything I can to save every child I meet,” she said.


Finding the way out


Both of us were silent for a moment after Andrea’s Akashic Records were closed. “I am literally speechless,” she said eventually. “This explains so much.” She went on to tell me that before she was in her current position, she explored nursing school and being a special education teacher. “I’ve always felt drawn to helping children… or maybe saving them.”


We worked with the Quantum healing energy of the Akasha to release the stuck emotional pain, holding the past life Vow in place. To free her from the debt and Vow she felt she owed to the children lost in the storm. “I have always trusted the Akashic Records,” she said, “But this feels so… big. I don’t know how I’ll get over this.”


I checked on Ariel over the next month and offered comfort and assurance that she actually had been released from the bondage of responsibility to the souls of those children. At first, her responses were perfunctory, but as the past energy released, they became more animated as time went on.


“I keep getting signs about Ireland,” she mentioned in one. “Mail from companies I’ve never heard of offering me discounts on travel to Ireland. A friend who went to visit family there and decided to stay. A new co-worker from Cork.”


The following year, I received an e-mail from Andrea. Her new co-worker had shared tips on how best to move there and while she did more research, Andrea visited her friend who’d moved to Dublin. “I fell in love,” she said. She returned to the states, resigned from her job, sold her house, and now lived in a tiny village on Dublin Bay.


“I don’t feel the need to save anyone,” she wrote. “I now understand that purpose can change. I’m thinking about opening a bookshop. After all, I’m in the land of brilliant writers. Maybe I’ll take a stab at writing my own book one day.” She’d finally surrendered to being free from past life karmic patterns and vows.


The attachment to what we believe our purpose is can prevent us from seeing a new one, from acknowledging our growth and all the beliefs and patterns we’ve changed. And often this attachment stems from unresolved past life issues. When we’re willing to release the karma and promises from other lifetimes, we open ourselves to the most amazing next steps.


Using the Akashic Records to learn about and free yourself from the ties to past lives is the best way I’ve found to move on and into more joy. In my new book, Akasha: Spiritual Experiences of Accessing the Infinite Intelligence of Our Souls, I outline how you can discover the power of your Akashic Records.


Right now, I’m offering four gifts with every copy purchased through my site ( Or if you’d like more personal instruction, you can always book a private session.  Life is short. And often comes with multiple purposes. Don’t wait to discover yours.

Until next time…





Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I align to the present in this very moment.
I have experienced blocked energy in my life and my body.

I now know this is not who I AM.

I go into the past, into lifetimes holding vows that no longer service my soul.
I now release those vows to the Divine Energy of Source.
I am grateful for all the gifts those lifetimes have given me.
I now claim all my highest good, wisdom and truth that I can hold.
I return the energy of another that I have held on to.

Our Vow is complete.

I walk forward cleared of past life energy, fears and blocks as

I embrace my abundant life now.
So it is. Blessed Be.


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