Steppingstones to Personal Power: The First Thing You Need to Make Room For Faith

We started the year with the five things that need to be released so you can experience your personal power. Over the next several months, we’ll discuss the other side of that coin: What you need to make room for in order to own your authentic personal power.
The first steppingstone on this part of the path is making room for faith.


What is faith?
The dictionary defines it as a strong belief or trust in someone or something. I would add that it is trusting that all is well even when it appears it is not. This is a lot easier said than done at times, especially when the clouds are so thick we can’t even see a sliver of light.
In my own life, I’ve experienced this many times. From friends dying to realizing I was in the completely wrong career, I have wondered at times why I was brought to that particular place. The feelings of hopelessness and confusion were very real and I’m forever grateful to the Akashic Records for saving my life more than once.


What happens when you don’t believe what you used to?
James got in touch with me after months of trying to leave a job he wished he’d never taken. He was working as the CFO for the church he’d attended since childhood, a conservative Christian congregation. His faith was anchored in the doctrine he’d been taught, which his mother and sister also practiced.
Part of the issue was that he’d recently admitted to himself he was gay. He was in a new relationship that supported who he truly was, and he felt happy for the first time in his life. No one other than a couple of close friends knew about his realization or his new boyfriend.
But his outward appearance had changed somewhat – he wore more stylish clothes; he’d recently gotten his ears pierced and now had a tattoo – and the pastor, who was now his boss, called him into his office to tell him that others had commented on his “flamboyancy” and that he needed to tone it down. But this was only a piece of it.
“I have now seen how the sausage is made,” he told me. “The hypocrisy, the gossip, the judgment. I don’t want to be around it.”


Sometimes faith gets stolen
As his conservative beliefs had begun to fall away, James became more open to exploring things like the Akashic Records, which a friend recommended to him. “I don’t know how much I believe in this,” he said. “But I’ve applied for a million jobs, and something is keeping me there even though I feel ready to move on.”
We prayed to receive clarity and divine wisdom as we opened his Akashic Records and then saw a life where James had been a pastor. He lived in a rural town and although the congregation was small, their faith was enormous. Regardless of the trials each one experienced – failed crops, illness, loss – they came together every week to worship and thank God for all they had.
One Sunday, James was sick with bronchitis so one of the elders gave the sermon. While lying in bed at his house nearby, he fell asleep listening to the choir sing. A loud ruckus woke him up and he discovered the small wood church had gone up in flames. The building was old and the wood dry and it didn’t take much for it to burn to the ground. It also killed several of the people who’d been inside.
James felt devastated. He convinced himself that if hadn’t been sick, somehow it would have been different. Perhaps he could have spotted the fire sooner and prevented the deaths and the destruction of their church.
This was the day James lost his faith.
Although the people in the community wanted to rebuild, James couldn’t forgive God, or himself, and returned to where he was born to work on his family’s farm, never marrying or having a family, until the day he died.


How faith returns when you face your emotions
When we were finished, James was visibly shaken. We sat in silence for a moment, then the Akashic Masters led me to ask this question. “What do you think would’ve happened had you stayed?”
“I probably could have rebuilt, not just for me but for everyone,” he said. “I let what happened completely derail my faith and ran away instead of working to understand that sometimes bad things happen and it’s how you handle it that’s important. I couldn’t deal with how I felt about losing the church and those people, so I just left.”
I knew our experience affected him, so I reached out a couple of weeks later to check in. James told me he realized that his pain from how his own pastor sold him out to placate a few people around the changes he’d made to his appearance was as devastating as losing the church in the other life. “I’ve been going to this church since I was a kid. I’ve known this man for twenty years. What he said to me hurt. And it was less painful to abandon my faith – not just in him, but the church too – than it was to confront how I felt.”
We talked about how losing faith in one area often leaks into other aspects of our lives. “I didn’t realize that I’d allowed my lack of faith in this circumstance to impact my faith in finding another job.” We said a prayer for alignment, to fully release the karma from the lifetime we were shown so he could be free to find a job more suited to who he’d become.
It only took a month before a former colleague reached out with an opportunity that was a perfect fit. James having the courage to confront the pain of his pastor not being who he thought he was freed him to have faith again.
What is affecting your faith that you need to meet with love? I honestly believe exploring your Akashic Records can help you not only identify it but give you what you need to look at it with the compassion needed to release it.
I have a variety of videos on my YouTube channel that will help you get started. Everything from interviews and meditations to deeper Akashic information and techniques that help you connect with the Akashic Masters, there is something for everyone. And I am available for private sessions if you feel that would be helpful. Whatever you choose, know the Akashic Masters and I are here to support you on your journey to authentic personal power.
Until next time,

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, please show me what it feels like to be the
Highest, Brightest, most Expansive and Aligned Self that I can be today.
Please open my Heart to know the truth of my Divinity and
allow me to receive all the good that is within and without.
Please guide me on my next steps to being
Abundant in all ways, with ease and grace.
So it is. Blessed Be.

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