The Balance Needed Before Sharing Your Gifts with the World

When we were forced to isolate during COVID, a spotlight was placed on the aspects of our
lives that didn’t bring us joy, particularly in the career arena. While wanting your life’s work to be an expression of your passion and gifts is admirable, the Akashic Masters tell me that the reasons behind wanting to change your career are even more important. If we are to help build the New Earth, we must understand the why behind the desire to share our gifts with the world.

What are your gifts and why do you want to share them?

We all come to this dimension with innate gifts. Some are creatives while others possess the ability to quickly solve problems because they see things from a different perspective. Then there are those who innately know how to offer comfort and some who are leaders before they can speak.

It’s natural that we would want to share our special qualities with the world. We’re conditioned through the messages in our culture, and often in our families, that we shouldn’t “bury” our talents. But there’s an important factor we sometimes forget.

The reasons why you long to share your gifts are as important as the gifts themselves. Are you really doing it because it makes you feel good and brings you joy? Perhaps you do what you do because you’ve been conditioned to believe if you excel at something, you need to use that skill in your career.

Or are you, like many of us, telling yourself your choices will create a “better” world when the truth is what’s really driving you is the need for acknowledgement and validation? When we make it all about others without considering if it is aligned with who we are, the results are rarely what we want. And disappointment doesn’t nurture joy.

The cost of not understanding the why.

Jason scheduled a session with me because he felt he was at another crossroads with his career. He had worked as an engineering consultant, a sales rep, a retail manager, and in several other disparate industries.

“I’m good with numbers,” he explained. “My dad was a math professor and my mother taught statistics. I grew up with numbers and had a real affinity for them.” Despite the reasons why he kept taking these kinds of jobs, he wasn’t happy. “I keep trying different things, but none of them make me feel good. I’m about to be fifty and I just want a career I enjoy before I retire.”

When we opened Jason’s Akashic Records, we got a glimpse as to why he felt stuck. The oldest of three boys, he had taken over the family business – a grain mill. He worked in it as a boy, and it was an accepted fact that he would take over when his father died.

Because of his experience, he had learned not only the business of milling, but also about the grains themselves. He often consulted with local farmers about how they grew and harvested their wheat and oats so they could produce the most valuable grain.

A year after his father passed, Jason fell into what we now call a deep depression. His pastor and family believed it was because of his father’s death, but as we watched him force himself to run the mill, we began to suspect it was something more.

Jason became angry and short tempered. Where he once indulged the local farmers with lengthy conversations about how to improve their crops, he offered only clipped answers. When a new mill opened, many of their clients moved their business, leaving Jason’s family mill in a precarious position. It wasn’t long before it closed.

He couldn’t keep up the house and it fell into disrepair, so Jason and his family were forced to move in with one of his brothers. The remainder of his life was spent moping while those around him whispered how sad it was that he’d taken his father’s death so hard. No one realized the real reason Jason had fallen into such an emotional pit, least of all, Jason.

We closed his Akashic Records and Jason immediately said, “I never even stopped to ask myself if working with numbers was something I actually enjoyed. It was just what I always felt destined to do. I do like parts of it. I just wonder if there are other things I would like better.”

The power of awareness

A few weeks later, I received an email. “I was convinced math and numbers were my passion, but I don’t think they really ever were,” Jason admitted. “I don’t know where I’m headed or what I’ll be doing, I just feel grateful to know and admit this isn’t it. I hid how I really felt from everyone, including myself.”

It took some time for Jason to uncover his next step, but it never would have happened without the courage to delve into his Akashic Records. He began his days in meditation or visiting the Akashic Masters and about six months after our session, he remembered how much he enjoyed creating art. He’d loved doing it as a boy, but his parents steered him toward the math world because it was what they knew. Neither they, nor their behavior, encouraged him to explore other avenues.

Jason eventually quit his job and took a CFO position with a local arts organization. “I know it might be a transitional step,” he acknowledged. “But I get to attend all the events and take classes for free as an employee. It feels incredible to tap into my creativity after all these years and I’m excited by all the possibilities!”

He also came to understand that part of what drove him was the approval he received from his parents. “I still value my parent’s validation,” he wrote. “But now it’s balanced with what makes me happy.”

We are living in a time where endless possibilities exist in the midst of all the change and absurdity. Understanding your past lives, the promises you made, the karma you created, the patterns you repeated, inevitably helps open the doors to those possibilities and frees you from the parts of your life that don’t support happiness and joy. The time you spend there will help you find the balance you need to participate in building the New Earth.

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As always, if there’s anything I can do to support your journey, please reach out.

Until next time…


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, please help me to feel the

divine balance of energy in my body.

I focus on my head and balance the right and left sides of the brain.

I move into my throat and balance the communication of truth with compassion.

I drop into my heart and balance the masculine channel and

feminine channel as I balance self-love, unconditional love and forgiveness.

I move down into my third chakras as

I balance my self-respect and self-esteem with my creative power.

I move into my fourth chakra and balance the male and female energies of work, motivation, sexuality, and joy.

I connect to Mother Earth through my root chakra, creating a grounding tail as

I connect to Father Sky through my crown chakra.

I AM a balanced bridge of light.

So It Is. Blessed Be.

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