Steppingstones to Personal Power: The Fifth Stepping Stone Required to Fully Reclaim your Personal Power

This month, we discuss the fifth and final steppingstone required to fully reclaim your personal power. And it’s the most important one. The Akashic Masters tell me that the only remaining key to accessing your full power in this life is love. But it’s not the kind you may imagine.


What we call love


In Western culture, the pinnacle of love is a romantic relationship. One in which you can connect deeply both emotionally and physically with another person. But maybe we’ve gotten it wrong all these years, despite the love songs, movies, and novels to the contrary.


Most people get into loving relationships, whether they be platonic or romantic, before they even have a desire to know who they are or how to love themselves. Many may claim to love themselves, but my question is “do you really know yourself?” Because if you don’t know fully who you are, or are at least doing what’s necessary to learn, it’s impossible to accept yourself. And without acceptance, there is no authentic love.


The path to self-love is a winding road with many detours and it’s a journey that more people are embarking upon whether alone, with a soul group or partner – as we ascend into the fifth dimension. It’s filled with valleys of sadness and peaks of joy as you realize how you have neglected your truth in exchange for what you perceive to be acceptance from others. This journey frees you to be more authentically you and each step empowers you to deeply know and embrace all aspects of yourself.


Is it really love?


Jasmine contacted me because her wedding was quickly approaching, but something felt off inside and she didn’t know what it was. She’d seen a couple of therapists, had a life coach and read myriad books on relationships and communication skills.


“I’m pretty sure I love him,” she said. “But I can’t ignore this weird feeling in my gut. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t feel comfortable making the commitment until I know.”


The day we dove into Jasmine’s Akashic Records she’d spent the morning at the final fitting of her wedding gown. “I’m pretty amped,” she admitted. “And I feel torn between going through with it and calling it off.”


I asked the Akashic Masters to show us everything that was relevant to Jasmine making a decision that honored her true self and as soon as we opened her Akashic Records, we saw her as a boy sitting in the corner of a house playing with a wooden jigsaw puzzle.


He looked sad and we watched as his mother came in and tried to convince him to eat something. He remained silent, rocking back and forth while running his fingers over the smooth curves of the puzzle pieces.


We saw him at school a few years later where he attempted to interact with the other students, offering them cookies his mother had made in the hopes it would foster friendships. He complimented their clothes and laughed at their jokes, even when they were about him. But by trying to be what he thought would make him part of the group, he became more separate.


Later we saw him as a young man, forced to work in his father’s hardware store. He was content when his father left him alone in the back room to sort through screws and nails. But when he was called upon to check out a customer or answer a question, he tried to help but was often brushed off which made him shut down.


His father yelled at him, deriding his inability to successfully interact with other people. It was clear to us that he was autistic, or at least somewhere on the neurodivergent spectrum. But they didn’t understand that in the time in which Jasmine lived as this boy.


He remained a loner in adulthood, living in his parents’ house and accepting his father’s anger as the price for food and shelter. We never saw him with friends or anyone besides his parents. His loneliness was palpable, and he died very young. It wasn’t clear whether or not he initiated his transition.


Recognition from the past


When her Akashic Records were closed, Jasmine shared some things that she hadn’t told anyone. “I’ve begun to realize that I’ve never felt safe to be myself with anyone,” she said. “I’ve always known I’m not like other people, but the risk of sharing that with anyone was too big, so I pretended to fit in by doing things that my friends liked to do and that my parents found acceptable.”


She went on to tell me how she hated crowds but went to bars and concerts with friends out of fear that they would think she was weird, or worse end their relationships. She found workarounds for things that bothered her, like bringing in a lamp to her office because overhead light bothered her. “I understand now that some of the things I’ve called quirks were really signs that I have ADHD. But I’ve always been too afraid to talk about it. It felt like being honest would cost me everything.”


I asked if she had talked with her fiancé about any of this and she told me she had not. “This is what that feeling in my gut has been about,” she admitted. “How can I spend the rest of my life with somebody when I’m not even completely sure who I am?”


Jasmine took the next couple of years to embark on a journey to understand how her brain was wired differently than other people in her life and what she could do to take better care of herself. She did the work necessary to discover who she was, which opened the door for her to love who she really is.


Jasmine didn’t marry the man she was engaged to when we did our session. But I heard from her a little while ago. “I cycled through elation and grief on a daily basis during this process – happy to know who I really am and terribly sad for the me that pretended all those years. But I know me now in a way I never could have imagined,” she wrote. “I’ve never felt so at peace and content.”


The path to knowing who you really are is the precursor to authentic love. You cannot completely love yourself, or someone else, without first doing a deep dive into where you are wearing masks, pretending to be something you’re not, and removing all the layers that are not a part of your true self.


To begin, or further, the journey to knowing who you truly are, my first course in self-mastery: Learn to Access Your Akashic Records, is a great place to start. Transform the life you’re living into the one you really want by discovering information from your past lives that will dissolve the masks you wear to hide your true self.

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Until next time…


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, as I now choose to move from my head,

deeply into my heart, I connect to my love of self.

This sacred room holds the memory of the divine in me.

There is nothing else.

I sit calmly in my heart center and feel the pervasive energy of the Creator.

I AM that I AM.

Blessed Be.

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