The Fifth Steppingstone to Personal Power – Releasing Patterns of Fear

We all know what it feels like to be afraid. When a spider or snake appears suddenly, many of us get
thrown into a panic. Knowing there isn’t enough money to cover the bills can feel terrifying. Even
walking down an unfamiliar street in the dark can bring on fearful thoughts.
But what about when fear is not so obvious? How do you navigate the behaviors created by fear when
you’re not aware you’re afraid? The Akashic Masters shared with me that to identify and relinquish our
fears is an essential steppingstone in reclaiming our personal power.

What is fear?
Some say fear is merely a lack of love. Others have come up with clever acronyms to ameliorate its
impact. My take is that fear exists only when we are not aligned with our authentic power. When we
allow the human part of us, the ego, to be in charge, shutting out the grace and strength of the
Universe. The ego survives on fear. It thrives when we worry about how things will turn out because that keeps us
swinging between the past and the future when all that is real is this moment. Fear can’t exist in the
present, but to truly be present requires focus. And it requires us to release experiences from our past
lives that feed the ego’s drive to feel afraid.

The consequences of unidentified fear
Avery felt she was in a bind when we met through one of my classes. She was an excellent student and
had gotten quite good at accessing her own Akashic Records. But she needed to be out of her apartment
in a couple of weeks and hadn’t found anywhere to live.
“I’ve gotten no answers,” she told me. “I keep asking for guidance and I’ve done everything I can to
secure a new space. The clock is ticking, and I don’t know what else to do.” Avery shared that she’d
experienced a similar situation before and had ended up in an extended stay hotel in a seedy part of
town. “I don’t want to go through that again.”

Asking the right question
Before we opened Avery’s Akashic Records, I asked the Masters to show us how fear from past lives was
interfering with a resolution to her current living situation. The first experience we witnessed was Avery
as a young woman standing at a port as a ship sailed. A trunk sat next to her. She was crying and we
learned she had made plans to go abroad and changed her mind at the last moment, afraid to leave her
parents and siblings. Next, we saw her as a girl standing in the wings of a stage where a boy played the piano and a woman,
the teacher, stood on the other side of the stage. There was a small audience for this intimate recital,
perhaps thirty people. The boy completed his performance, stood up and accepted the applause. Avery
turned on her heel, ran toward the exit door and disappeared.
The final glimpse was of Avery as a man buying a house with his wife. We saw snippets of the time
progression where he committed to the loan even though he was unsure. He expressed his fears to his wife who assured him it would all work out. They moved in and a year later he lost his job. The house was repossessed by the bank and the entire family moved in with his wife’s parents while he looked for
new work. The strain of not begin able to provide for his family was too much and he died before he
found a new job.

Give yourself time to process
What the Akashic Masters showed us was a lot to process. But it was clear the theme was fear. Fear to
do what she wanted for a litany of reasons, all that existed only in the future. We prayed to release
Avery from the collective chains of her past lives around fear, clearing the way for her to live more of the
life she came for this time.

A couple of weeks later, after moving in with her mother, Avery wrote to say this:
I had no idea how much fear had driven my life. So often, I thought I was being logical, rational,
evaluating every aspect of every decision. After our time together, I see that behavior just
indicated I was afraid. Terrified to leap and scared to death to stay. This living situation brought
all of that to the forefront. I don’t want to be haunted by fear anymore.
Within a month, she found a place she liked but there were several hiccups that kept delaying approval
for her to move in. “Because of our session, I asked myself what I was afraid of,” she said in an e-mail. “I
realized I was scared it wasn’t the right space, so I went to see it again, which helped me realize it was
the exact right place. And I’m very happy here.”

Clearing the pattern of fear, that feeling of being trapped no matter what you choose, enabled Avery to
not only find an apartment, but it also empowered her to know it was the right decision.
Visiting your Akashic Records can help you identify the aspects of your life and behavior that need to be
transformed. If you feel that you’re not living the life you came here to live, my new course Access Your
Personal Wisdom can help you clear blocks that hold you back, gain clarity around decisions and align to
your soul’s wisdom.

This live class is four sessions that begin June 17 and you can learn more HERE As always, ask yourself what feels right and do that!
Trust that and if there is anything I can do to support your desire to access your full personal power,
please reach out.
Until next time,

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, this life has offered me
many opportunities for growth and I accept this as my Soul Path.
Please help me to release any fear I have of the unknown
so I may move forward now with ease.
So it is. Blessed Be.

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