The First Stepping Stone to Personal Power

When we’re born, we laugh and cry at will because we have no understanding of what those around us deem acceptable. As we get older, we become familiar how it feels to be judged. Perhaps we get a stern look from a parent or other adult if we laugh too loud. Or we get told we’re too sensitive if we shed tears. 

For many of us, these experiences are the beginning of the disconnection from our true selves that manifests as self-doubt. The Akashic Masters tell me that releasing this weight is an essential steppingstone to discovering your personal power. 


Returning to your true self


Imagine being young enough that you don’t recognize judgment of your words, feelings, or actions. You do what you want and decide for yourself what feels good and what doesn’t. How delightful to have that much freedom! 


Then our family of origin and society get involved. They dictate what is right and what is wrong. And in order to feel safe – accepted, like we belong, secure in our surroundings – we capitulate. We learn how to tone down our voice and to temper our light. We come to understand that dancing at a funeral is not acceptable and stop ourselves from showing too much excitement over our accomplishments lest it be judged prideful. 


These are the seeds of self-doubt.


The invisible past


June contacted me in a state of anxiety over a business opportunity. “I feel panicky all the time and no matter what I do, I cannot get clear on the choice that’s right for me.” She had made all the lists, written down the pros and cons, and spoken to advisors. Everything supported taking the risk, but she couldn’t bring herself to take action.


When we opened her Akashic Records we saw her first as a child in a past life. She was ill and weak. Her mother and sister insisted on doing everything for her, treating her as an invalid incapable of taking care of even the most basic tasks.


In the moments she felt stronger and wanted to go outside or play with a doll, they were there – hovering and deciding for her when she needed to rest. June grew to rely on their judgment instead of her own, even when she wasn’t tired and wanted to continue playing or enjoying the breeze.


Doubt solidifies


By the time she was a teenager, June had grown stronger, but her family still treated her as a sickly little girl. They never let her out of their sight, constantly throwing a shawl over her shoulders, insisting she drink a cup of hot tea and refusing to let her go anywhere alone. Eventually, their fears became her own.


As an adult, June eventually got married through an arrangement her father made and her husband treated her with the same kid gloves. He lingered in doorways and refused to support her desires to socialize with neighbors. She had no friends. By now, June had no sense of agency – who she really was or what she was capable of doing. Her entire perception of herself was encapsulated in what others dictated her limitations were.


We watched her draw her last breath in this life, lonely and cloaked in the doubt of her own intuition and dreams. It was emotional for both of us to see how a precious child had been taught not to trust herself on any level. And heartbreaking to witness the tragedy of being so disconnected from your true self and the level of disempowerment it created.


Learning to trust yourself


June didn’t speak for a minute or two as she processed the experience. “The paralysis I feel makes a lot more sense now,” she said. “Although I wasn’t sick as a kid in this life, my mother was always making decisions for me. Come to think of it, so was my big sister. They overruled a lot of what I wanted, convincing me their way was better.” She was quiet for a moment.


“How do I change this?”


There is only one way. I feel so strongly about it, I included it in my new book Your Soul Has a Plan. I believe that doubt is nothing more than the misalignment with our soul’s yearning to follow its plan. So, the best next step is to find the stillness that leads to reconnection. Because true personal power comes from being connected to all the reasons your soul incarnated in this life.


This is a process, not a switch that can be flipped. It may take many steps to lead us from the darkness of absorbing other people’s beliefs about our abilities and limitations to the light of our soul’s power. But you won’t ever get there if you don’t take the first step.


Some of the possibilities that June identified when we talked were to spend more time alone in nature and not to constantly ask others for their opinions. “I want to hear what my soul is telling me,” she said. “And I see how that’s impossible with the noise from so many other voices.”


She passed on the business opportunity that brought her to me because there was a deadline and, “I am not clear and I don’t want to make decisions I’m not 100% certain about.” She felt confident in that decision and in her ability to practice improving the connection to her soul, which will erode self-doubt and reacquaint her with the power she was born with.


If June’s story resonates with you, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself how you can nurture reconnection. There are many paths, and for me, the Akashic Records have shown me the way. If you feel led to know yourself more deeply and feel aligned with the Akashic Records, you may enjoy my new live online workshop on February 27th where I teach you how to get soul guidance from your personal Akashic Records. ( ) That way you can always align with your Soul Plan and be guided or have a personal Akashic Healing session.


No matter what step you take, the only thing that really matters is that you take one! Let the steppingstone of retrieving your personal power by releasing self-doubt be a gift your give yourself in 2023.




Mother, Father, Goddess, God, when I judge myself  

or others I feel my energy spiral down.  

I AM ready to release all judgments and stand in Truth, supported by Love.  

Help me to recognize the perfection of me as I am,  

as well as the perfection of all creation in this moment.  

Help me to develop in compassion and discernment.  

I AM grateful for this opportunity to grow. 

So it is. Blessed Be. 

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