The Foundation of Love

Last month, I addressed how important it is to have clear overall foundation in order to manifest the things that matter to you. Over the next few blogs, I’ll talk about the specific aspects of our lives that often contain our deepest desires. This month, the Akashic Masters want to talk to you about love.
I don’t necessarily mean the romantic kind of love, which may sound antithetical with Valentine’s Day being this month. But if your family of origin relationships aren’t built on pure, unconditional love, how can you expect to create that with someone outside the environment that birthed your current beliefs and perceptions around love? The truth is what many call love isn’t really love at all, merely conditions of acceptance and validation.

Two Ways the Akashic Records Can Help

Many people think that working in the Akashic Records is all about past lives. While that is a large part, it’s also vital to clear your Chakras. Often, when I work with clients, we address both. The Chakras are energy centers in the body and each of the seven main Chakras corresponds to a place on the body.
It’s important to keep the Chakras clear because each one is associated with specific organs, nerve bundles, and places in our energetic body. There is a color associated with every Chakra, along with both physical and emotional conditions that typically occur when there is a block. Our past and current lives are intertwined with our Chakras, which is why it is such an important part of working in the Akashic Records.

A Blocked Heart Chakra
Kelsey reached out to me because she was getting married and felt “out of sorts.” She had gained weight and although she loved her fiancé, felt very alone and unable to connect with him the way she wanted. She thought it might be a past life issue between their souls.
I knew what she was experiencing were all signs of a block in her Heart Chakra, so that’s where we started. We worked to clear the blocks through Energy Healing and prayer and asked the Akashic Masters to show me other areas of her life to clear and upgrade. The information and healing from the Akashic Masters gave, helped Kelsey to see her situation clearly, without excessive emotions.
“It’s so bizarre,” she told me after. “I feel like the Grinch after he stumbled on Cindy Lou Who!” We both laughed because her description was so vivid and clear.
But the Akashic Masters told me there was more.
Clearing the Chakras Often Brings More Information
We settled back in, and it wasn’t long before we discovered that Kelsey had been given up as an infant in another life. Her mother in that life came from a strict and conservative family who hadn’t even known their single daughter was pregnant.
When they discovered she was, they whisked her off to a convent where she stayed until she gave birth. The baby was taken from her as soon as it was born. She never even knew if it was a boy or a girl.
“This explains so much,” Kelsey admitted. “I’ve always felt I had to prove myself, prove that I was worthy of being loved. It’s caused a lot of problems especially between my mother and me.” She shared that no matter how hard her mother tried to show her she was loved, Kelsey never really believed her. She stuck to her perception that her mother favored her older sister and that she could never do enough to be loved and appreciated in the same way. With this new information, she now knew she had viewed every experience through the lens of that past life experience.

The Ripple Effect
As we continued talking, Kelsey kept making connection after connection with her past life and the way she moved through this one. “I didn’t realize I was always coming from a place of ‘let me show you I’m worth sticking around for.’” The realizations were painful at first, but in the end, so freeing.
Over the next few months, Kelsey changed a lot about her life. Seeing how that deep-seeded belief affected her work life caused her to change how she behaved on the job. At first, there was some push back, but ultimately, she felt more respected by choosing to believe she was good at her job instead of making such an effort to prove it.
Her fiancé felt relieved when she shared what happened with Akashic Masters. He had been concerned it was something in their relationship that had caused her to pull away. “I’ve done that a lot,” she acknowledged. “Push someone away before they had a chance to leave. I’m so grateful I now understand why I did that. Now I can stop.”
Her relationship with her mother became less adversarial and more symbiotic. They worked together on the wedding, having fun, and experiencing each other in a new way. “I feel like I have a new life,” she told me. “I never could have imagined having such a wonderful time with my mom, especially because wedding stuff can be so stressful.”
Kelsey’s transformation is remarkable, but not uncommon when you have the courage to be clear about your desires and the courage to trust that the Akashic Masters are here to support you. Our ability to give and receive love is tied to our first experiences of it – whether in this life or another.
This kind of peace and joy is available for you, too. I’ve included the Prayer for Abundance of Love below. Say it as many times a day as you can to receive guidance on your best next steps, and as always, I’m here if you’d like to work one-on-one. Have a month blessed with giving and receiving as much love as possible!

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, please support me as
I open to the flow that is abundance.
Please take me outside of time and space, to the origin of any beliefs,
ideas and feelings that I hold about being Loveable.
I now free that energy to create new space in my life and body to
make new choices as I follow my spiritual path.
As I swim in this flowing river of abundance,
the right people at the right time appear to offer me
love, support me and enhance my life with ease.
So it is. Blessed Be.

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