The Fourth Steppingstone to Personal Power – Releasing Patterns of Resistance

We tell ourselves a lot of stories about why we don’t do things. Like the reason we don’t go after that job we really want is because we don’t have enough experience. We throw out the ad for a pottery class, even though we’ve always had a desire to learn, because it’s too expensive. It would benefit us to explore that lingering discomfort after a family dinner, but that new Netflix show premieres tonight.  

The Akashic Masters tell me these stories are likely nothing more than resistance. Resistance to discovering more of who we really are. For each of us to truly step into our personal power, we must be willing to own our resistance and discover how to embrace whatever it is we’re avoiding..,,,


Why do we resist?


Resistance always comes down to being afraid of knowing who we really are. We’ve become familiar with the current version of ourselves, and it’s created a kind of comfort. Leaving that place often means moving away from relationships and circumstances that we’ve known for a long time. And that can feel scary.

When we find ourselves resisting at any level, it’s an opportunity to explore where we don’t want to change because we’re afraid we’ll be catapulted from this familiar rendition of ourselves. But this discomfort is like sandpaper that removes the layers of beliefs and perceptions that have nothing to do with who we really are. Beneath all of that is where true personal power is.


We carry the past with us

Yvonne reached out to me because of career frustrations. An administrator for her local government, she’d had the job since receiving her MBA twenty years ago. “I’m not unhappy,” she explained. “I’m just not happy.” When I asked her what she wanted to do, she didn’t have an answer. We opened her Akashic Records hoping to find one. 

The first thing we saw was Yvonne as a toddler playing in the kitchen while her mother cooked. She sat on the floor running a giant wooden spoon around the inside of an empty ceramic bowl, giggling, and doing her best to imitate the mother who stood next to her making a cake.

“I look so happy,” Yvonne said softly. “At least I know it’s possible.”


The threads that make us who we are

Next, the Akashic Masters showed us Yvonne as a teenager, baking with her younger sister. She gently explained every step to her sibling and together they surprised her parents with a delicious breakfast for their anniversary.

When Yvonne was a young woman, she told her father she wanted to attend pastry school in France. His response was immediate and passionate. No daughter of his would have a job! She needed to get married, raise a family. This is what respectable women of the time did. Yvonne needed to put her ridiculous dreams where they belonged. In the rubbish.

Conditioned to be the “good” daughter, Yvonne did as her father instructed. She married a young man from the area, had three daughters and joined several clubs that did good deeds for the those less fortunate. She contented herself with merely eating delicious pastry and occasionally baking for her children.

When her daughter expressed an interest in learning how to be a chef, Yvonne gave her the same speech her father had given her. Only her daughter didn’t capitulate the way she had, leaving home after a huge argument to make her own way in the culinary world. She returned for the first time when Yvonne was on her death bed.


Reconciling past and present

“That was quite a lot,” Yvonne said when her Akashic Records were closed. “It’s really sad.” As we talked, Yvonne began to recall how much it delighted her to act in school plays. She remembered being in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Pygmalion. “I loved being on stage,” she recalled. “And the collaboration. Everything I do in my job is by myself.”

Six months later, I received an update. Yvonne had found several local professional theaters where she began to volunteer as an usher. Bitten by the theater bug again, she started taking acting lessons and had auditioned for a part in Steel Magnolias. “I didn’t get it,” she wrote. “But I know I want to keep going in this direction. I think that my expectation of needing a job to make me happy was just a way for me to avoid joy.”

Yvonne didn’t need to uproot her life by walking away from her career. By exploring her resistance to finding something that brought her joy, she found a way, for now, to stay in a job she knew by opening a door to something that made her feel happy. Sometimes the change we’re afraid of doesn’t have to be drastic. It’s possible for it to be just enough for us to shine a bit more as our authentic selves.

This steppingstone is often bypassed out of fear that whatever change relinquishing resistance brings will be so staggering that it’s overwhelming and throws us into paralysis. But it doesn’t have to be. We each get to choose whether a particular change feels safe enough to make. Yvonne’s story proves this.

Exploring your Akashic Records can help you discover the core of resistance and support your desire to make the change in your life that will reveal another piece of your true self. A great way to start is with the Akashic Course 1 that will be Live Online starting June 17th. One of the best empowerment tools for self-transformation available, the next session begins in June. You can learn more HERE or you can always book a private session.  

Ask yourself what feels right and go for it! Let me know what I can do to support your desire to access your full personal power.  

Until next time,



Mother, Father, Goddess, God, please open my heart and  

connect me to the multi-dimensional universes.  

Help me to remember that this life is only one in a  

myriad of lives on Earth and elsewhere.  

I AM an Infinite Soul and I release the illusion that I am just a small fearful human.  

I step into the grand imagine of who and what I truly Am. 

So it is. Blessed Be. 

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