The Power and Purpose of Gratitude

The Power and Purpose of Gratitude

The times we’re living in are fraught with fear of illness from a global menace, yet there is a secret silver lining: it’s easier than ever before to feel grateful for the everyday miracles we typically take for granted — beginning with waking up in the morning.

So many people are now grateful for their health, even if they live with chronic but non life-threatening conditions. People are thankful for family and friends, for a roof over their head, for food on the table. When so many in the world do not have these basic foundations that support human life, those of us who do develop a deeper sense of empathy for what our brothers and sisters lack.

This is the purpose and power of gratitude. When we shift how we look at a challenging experience and turn our focus to the fortunate aspect, no matter how small, we bring loving energy to the situation, and blessings come back to us with grace. 


Bringing Gratitude Into Your Daily Life

One of the simplest processes I know of to assist in bringing grace into your consciousness every day is to keep a gratitude journal. Find a spiral-bound notebook to use as your journal, or invest in a beautiful hardcover journal from your local bookstore; just don’t let the physical notebook choice slow you down. Choose what works for you, and start today to write one thing for which you are grateful. 

For instance: if it’s been a tough day, keep your gratitude search very simple. Did you feel the sun on your skin when you left the office? How about that juicy apple you enjoyed for lunch? Start small, and your gratitude list will grow with time. The significant piece is to create a daily practice. Spend a few minutes getting centered in your heart before writing in your journal. Your Heart Expansion Point is perfect to use to assist your heart so it opens with ease. 

[Quick Review: The Heart Expansion Grace Point aligns with the acupuncture meridian system that connects us consciously to our heart. We use this point as a physical anchoring to direct the energy through our intention and gentle touch. In using this simple tool, we can feel ourselves being supported by Grace as we allow more into our lives. 

The Heart Expansion Point is always as close as your hands. It’s in the lower left quadrant of your right palm, which connects to the heart center. This point is found in the soft tissue of the hand. You simply gently touch the point with your intention for clearing and releasing energies that are not beneficial. 

By using intention as we connect with Divine Grace deeply in our hearts, we are able to quickly and easily release limiting conditions, patterns, false beliefs, past judgments, and so much more.]


Gratitude in Practice

I remember when I was young, my grandparents’ home was burglarized. Even as a child, I realized how different my grandparents’ response was compared to that of others. My grandparents never cursed the robbers, nor were they angry with themselves for not having an alarm system. My dear grandparents said only one thing: “We are so grateful that no one was hurt.” This was a remarkable experience for me, and it shifted my perspective at a young age. It helped me realize that material goods were not what matters, that the only true value is in the ones we love. That one childhood lesson has served me well all my life.

When my three teenage children started to drive, there were a few fender-benders, and two totaled cars! Though it got a bit expensive having three teenage drivers, I found the expense never crossed my mind. All I ever said to them was “Are YOU OK?” Those nights I was particularly conscious of grace and gratitude. I was grateful that my children all walked away unscathed, and that I had another day to hold them in my arms. 

It’s key to recognize that a gratitude prayer can be as simple as, “Thank you Mother, Father, Goddess, God, for all the blessings in my life.” Or use what the Akashic Lords offer you — the Prayer of Gratitude, which can be used as a daily practice. 



Mother, Father, Goddess, God, please fill me to

overflowing with the energy of gratitude.

I Am grateful for life, love and wisdom

that comes to me in so many different ways.

I recognize the beauty in the small things and

feel peace in acknowledging the wonder of life.

So it is. Blessed Be.


With Thanksgiving on the horizon this month, it’s an ideal time to make gratitude a part of your everyday life. Thanksgiving Day celebrates the harvest, commemorating the generosity of one culture to another (Native Americans welcoming the new colonists). It serves as an early illustration of how we can expand our inclusivity to all of humanity, as well as to other species. 

The more we reach out to share and support others, the more we open our hearts to those who need to receive, the greater the Grace that flows into our own lives.


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