The Reality of Money

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Inflation. Mortgage rates. The price of groceries. Is it a cause for concern or a call to dig deeper?
Yes, money is necessary for our society – we need it to secure living space, eat, to navigate life through Akashic Records. Although it is part of our world, giving it power over how we feel blocks joy and peace. The Akashic Masters say it is time to look at the reality of money and what’s underneath a lot of our worry about it.

Money legacies

How you were raised around the topic of money has a lot to do with how you view it as an adult. If you grew up around people who were constantly stressed about money, or rather the lack of it, chances are you brought some of that with you into adulthood. People who come from an environment where money was plentiful, or one in which there wasn’t much concern about it, tend to have a healthier take on finances when they grow up.
But there are exceptions.

Is it really about money?

The first time Sandra and I spoke, she confessed that she felt like she was gaslighting herself. “I never wanted for anything as a child,” she explained. “My parents were generous, paying for me to attend a good university and giving me money to live on so I could focus on my studies instead of struggling with a job like so many of my friends.”
Twenty years later, she was a high-paid executive but had lost her house and was considering bankruptcy. “How can I be making all of this money and be in this place?” She was on the verge of tears.
Sandra went on to explain that bad investment and constantly bailing out less financially stable friends had put her in this position. But the Akashic Masters and I know that money is a proxy. Financial challenges usually indicate a deeper issue.

The Akashic Records help you see the truth

The moment we accessed Sandra’s Akashic Records, I received information that explained a lot about her current situation. Sandra’s past lives were filled with money challenges. As we went through the details, a window opened for her to understand that making it all about “money” was a way for her to remain stuck in a place she’d lived in for a very long time.
In the first past life shown to us, Sandra had been given an opportunity to escape the poverty in which she grew up. Her family lived in a shanty-like dwelling without access to clean water. There had been no type of formal education. Working in a shop for a pittance as a young person, Sandra displayed an intuitive understanding of how to increase sales
A visiting businessman took note and offered to take Sandra to the country he was from to help him grow his shop. The thought of leaving her family to create a better life for herself filled her with debilitating guilt and she was unable to leave. She died poor without enough money to be buried properly.

Dig Deeper

The Akashic Masters showed us another life where Sandra lived penniless after donating her inheritance to a local orphanage. And another in which she often went without what she needed to make sure the street urchins who lived near her business had food and clothing.
The Akashic Masters shared she now had everything she needed to change the circumstances of her current life. I could hear the tremble in her voice. “What does it all mean?” she asked. “I’ve been to therapy about this, taken classes on money, and paid financial advisers to guide me. Honestly, I don’t feel any closer to a solution now than I did before.”

Processing brings answers

I assured her we would work together with the Akashic Masters to put the pieces of this puzzle together. It didn’t take long for both of us to realize that the common thread in all these experiences was a drive to take care of others.
The message from Akashic Records was clear. Sandra had made a vow somewhere in her history to make sure everyone had what they needed. But the committee had been perverted when Sandra neglected to take care of herself first.
“That makes so much sense!” she told me. “I’ve written checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to friends who were in trouble with money. I did it without thinking about the impact it could have on me.”
Sandra and I said a prayer to release her from that vow, and she committed to taking care of her needs before giving money to any organization or person, no matter how dire their straits were. We discussed that an intention to change would bring plenty of opportunities to make different decisions and that she might revert to old behavior occasionally. But she was determined to put this piece of her soul’s journey behind her.
A few months later, she reached out to tell me she hadn’t filed for bankruptcy and was working with a financial adviser she’d met through a mutual friend. “I feel like I’m climbing out of this hole that felt bottomless before our session,” she wrote. “And it makes perfect sense that it wasn’t just from this life. It was too intense. The relief I feel defies words.”
We can all use money as a proxy to avoid confronting the pain that might arise when we discover the truth. The courage to face our karma or promises made in other lives ultimately frees us to live now in a way that is aligned with who we truly are.
The best way to begin is… to start! If you have concerns about money or any other topic critical in building a solid foundation for your life, connecting with your Akashic Records Training may be a great first step. You can open the door to healing your soul’s traumatic experiences from other lifetimes by taking the quiz on my website ( Then consider taking a class or even scheduling a private session. We are all worthy of living a life free of the lessons we already learned.
As always, the Akashic Masters and I are always here to support your journey. Until next time!

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