The Second Steppingstone to Personal Power – Releasing Patterns of Worry

The Second Steppingstone to Personal Power – Releasing Patterns of Worry

It seems like there is always something to worry about. How do I stay healthy? Why can’t I find a job I love? Where will I find the money to pay for this unexpected expense? What if…? 

We can always find things to worry about if we look hard enough, but it feels like the pandemic caused anxiety to blossom in a way we’ve not experienced. The Akashic Masters assure me it is all part of the plan to bring us back to the present, to remind us to focus on this moment rather than paying the price for living in a future that doesn’t exist.


The cost of anxiety 

Most of us don’t even notice when we worry. It becomes routine and we don’t even realize the thoughts we have. We worry about our kids, relationships, careers, and finances. We worry that our partners and loved ones are worrying too much. It’s a never-ending loop that is detrimental to our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Worrying causes physical harm. From dizziness and stomach aches to a rapid heartbeat and sleep problems, the body tells you the consequences, if you’re listening. The long-term effects are even worse – chronic illness, heart disease, migraines, and GI issues.  

It depletes the mind of the energy needed for the things that matter to us and it shrouds our spirit, preventing us from feeling joy. So why do we do it?


The real cause of worry

The only reason is because we don’t feel we are in control. It’s easy to point out that the only thing we can control is our responses, but that existential perspective doesn’t carry much weight when someone we love is hurting or the cost of new tires feels prohibitive. 

The Akashic Masters tell me that anxiety is simply a way to remind us that we are not living in the present, that we have allowed our minds to drift to an imaginary future. For you to step into your personal power, being in the moment as much as possible is necessary.


A path to ending the worry

The experiences from our past lives contribute to the way we navigate the world today. Working with your Akashic Records can resolve trauma, karma and promises from past lives that influence how you live in this life and Fiona’s story demonstrates this in a powerful way.

When we met, Fiona was at the end of her rope. Even with therapy and learning new skills to redirect her mind, she still couldn’t stop intrusive thoughts based in fear around her daughter making the wrong choice about attending a college that was across the country.  As a single mom, she felt a responsibility to make sure whatever school she chose was the right one. 

“I feel like I’m going crazy,” Fion admitted. “She’s a perfectly capable young woman and she can always change her mind if she wants to. I don’t understand why I can’t seem to let go of these thoughts that don’t support her decision.”


How the past affects the present

When we opened her Akashic Records, Fiona was married to a man who kept her isolated from her family and friends. She had chosen him over another suitor who’d proposed because he was wealthy. She’d grown up without much and the idea of a beautiful home and luxurious clothes drove her decision.

Alone with no one to talk to but the servants, she lived in her mind chastising herself for placing money over love and imagining what her life would be like had she made a different choice. Unable to get pregnant, she spent her life having silent meals with her husband when he wasn’t traveling for his business and reading. She sank into a deep depression from which she never recovered. 

In our time together, we were also shown another life where Fiona had four daughters. She worried constantly over every decision; from what clothes they should wear to who were acceptable friends. 

We watched as it distanced her from her husband since focus was always on the children. As her life progressed, it also caused the girls to resent her and at the end of her life she was alone, seeing her grandchildren only periodically and missing her husband because was busy doing things he found to occupy himself when she was immersed in fretting over the children. 


Connecting the dots

When her Akashic Records were closed, we prayed for the release of what she’d accumulated in those past lives. The combination of making a “bad” choice and the terror about making a mistake in raising her daughters (which was enhanced form the experience in her previous life) had created a pattern that accompanied her into this life.

After a few minutes, Fiona spoke. “I think the reason I worry so much is because it protects me from the truth. I’m going to miss her so much.” She began to cry. “And that feels so painful.” 

With that acknowledgment came the freedom to discover other ways for them to keep in touch, to make plans for her daughter to come home or Fiona to make a trip out to see her each semester. “I don’t know that I know who I am without her,” she acknowledged. “She’s my only child and I’ve been invested in her since she was born. When she goes, I’m going to be left with myself and I’m not sure I know who that is.”


The power of the truth

A few months after her daughter left for school, Fiona reached out. “The first month was really rough,” she wrote. “But we Facetime every week and I’ve taken steps to figure out who I am on my own.” She’d always wanted to learn to tap dance, so she was taking classes and had discovered a book club comprised of women in the neighborhood that had existed for several years without her even knowing.

Change can be challenging, but it’s even harder when you hold on tightly to what is changing. Through exploring her Akashic Records, Fiona gifted herself with the power to see why she was behaving in a way that would only further separate her from her daughter. The rough patch wasn’t nearly as long as it could have been and she’s well on her way to reintroducing herself to who she truly is.

If worrying is a habit that intrudes on your happiness, why not consider working with your Akashic Records to uncover some of the reasons why it’s become such a large part of your life? We will only evolve, individually as well as a species, when we empower ourselves to be our true selves, and that requires us to live in the moment as much as possible. 

You can find simple ways to connect with your own past lives in my new book, Your Soul Has A Plan, through one of my classes or even schedule a private session to get started. I’m here to support your road to empowerment however I can. Taking one step can start a journey that will change your life!

Until next time,




Mother, Father, Goddess, God, as I stand on this precipice today,  

I ask for courage.  

There is a leap of Faith that I am being called to take.  

Please hold me in your Love and let me feel the courage of the divine.  

I accept with gratitude this courage and support. 

So it is. Blessed Be. 

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