Steppingstones to Personal Power: The Second Thing You Need to Make Room For Is Guidance

From the time we learn to walk, we are rewarded for doing things by ourselves. Getting dressed alone. Going to the bathroom on our own. Eating without assistance. It continues as we get older. From doing homework and putting ourselves to bed to driving places on our own and managing a bank account, we are praised for doing things independently.


The underlying message is that not needing guidance or help is something to strive for. But the Akashic Masters tell me that the ability to ask for and accept guidance is one of the key requirements for stepping into our personal power.


What does it take to ask for guidance?


I remember the satisfaction I got when I was younger from being able to do things by myself. It felt good to know I could accomplish things on my own. I didn’t realize the covert belief being created by all the recognition I received from others for achieving this “independence.”


Spiritual from a young age, I was well into adulthood and had survived a series of losses and painful experiences before I truly accepted that asking for guidance, whether it be from other people or beyond this dimension, would benefit me. The willingness to receive it prevented suffering caused by decisions I would have previously made “on my own.” It also freed up the energy it took to navigate the pain, which I used to access more joy and passion.


The issue with fierce independence


Chantel got in touch after hearing me speak about the Akashic Records at an online spiritual summit. After graduating college, she went on to get her MBA and built a successful career in the finance industry. “I’m really proud of myself,” she told me. “I paid for it on my own and I have no debt.” She had a good amount of liquid savings as well as investments and from the perspective most of us are conditioned to hold, she was a success.


“But I feel like it’s not enough,” she admitted. “I feel guilty because I have so much and there are many others who don’t have what I do. Friends tell me I need to just quit, but the thought of letting it all go feels devastating.”


How the past influences the present


We opened her Akashic Records to see her as a young woman, married to an older man who decided everything for her. He chose her clothes, dictated who her friends were and demanded she play hostess to his business colleagues. They discovered after the wedding that she couldn’t bear children, and this exacerbated his drive to control every detail of her life.


At first, the wealth placated her. It was fun to have gowns and dresses tailor made and they traveled extensively, allowing her to see parts of the world she never would have gotten to otherwise. Even the entertaining was fun at first. Eventually, though, she grew bored of being his “wife” and longed to explore things that interested her.


She confessed this to someone she believed to be a friend, hoping she might have ideas on how she could begin to build her own life. Her “friend” told her husband, who in turn shared it with Chantel’s husband. This started a new level of lock down. She couldn’t even shop without permission, and he monitored conversations and outings by having the servants spy on her.


It got so bad, Chantel decided to “run away” from home. She managed to sneak a letter into the post to a cousin in another country, asking for help in escaping. She took a few pieces of jewelry to sell and left early one morning through the kitchen before the servants were awake. When she arrived, her cousin informed her she would have to get a job and pay rent. With no skills to speak of, she could only find work as a laborer in a textile mill and was paid barely enough to cover what her cousin demanded.


Gone were the evenings of wine and live music at her husband’s estate, the expensive clothes, the servants to draw her baths. She lived in a house with a dirt floor and wore recycled grain sacks, eating food she would have never previously touched. We watched her toil at a thankless job before smallpox ended her life.


When her Akashic Records were closed, Chantel immediately said, “No wonder I don’t trust anyone. I’d have been better off setting out on my own and seeing where I landed.”


After clearing the emotional pain, fear and trauma from that life, we talked about her current one and her resistance to hiring a coach or even a therapist. “I’ve always done things on my own,” she insisted. After a pause, she added, “But maybe it’s time to change that.”


Chantel’s decided to take my online Akashic Workshop and learn to open in her Akashic Records. This opened the door for Chantel to study her Soul Plan in more depth. She devoted time every week to exploring her past lives, soul purposes and committed to healing with the guidance the Akashic Masters offered her.


Six months later, she wrote to say that willingness to receive guidance had pointed her on a path she never would have thought possible. A woman she met at a business function was on the board of a local organization with a mission to teach women about their finances so they could be better stewards of their money. “I’m using all my knowledge and experience to support other women who want to be more financially secure,” she wrote.


“One thing led to another,” Chantel told me. “And now I’m developing a new program that I will facilitate so women can acquire some of the knowledge it took me years to learn.” Working with her Akashic Records and clearing out past vows, karma and accepting the lessons from this and past lives, empowered her to be open when an opportunity presented itself. This is what committing to receiving guidance can do. It’s one more step to owning our true personal power.


Learning to access your personal Akashic Records is a great way to support your desire to make changes that put you on a path to knowing a new piece of your true self. The Live, Online Akashic Course 1 that I teach is one of the best empowerment tools for self-transformation available. The, the next session begins in September, and you can learn more here ( Or you can always book a private session.


There’s no need to stay stuck. Guidance is always available. I’m happy to do what I can to support your next step in claiming your full personal power.


Until next time,


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I stand in your Grace,
clear and strong, yet humble and full of love.
Please assist me in finding, seeing and taking the next step on my Soul Path.
I ask for guidance in baby steps and large steps, too.
I live in self-trust, self-worth and faith.
I have what I need to do my soul work.
So it is. Blessed Be.

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