Steppingstones to Personal Power: The Third Thing You Need to Make Room For is Trust

We are born into this world with trusting hearts. Before we reach puberty that, trust has been broken. Sometimes in a big way. Other times in myriad little ones. Regardless of how it happens, the message is clear. Inevitably, your trust in someone will not work out the way you expected. The Akashic Masters tell me that if we want to step into our personal power fully, we need to make room for authentic trust.


What is trust?


The origin of the word trust is rooted in the Old Norse word traustr, meaning strong. How that evolved into a way for humans to experience hurt feelings, I don’t know. I understand that sometimes our trust can be shattered in a way that affects us deeply. Infidelity. Stealing. Lies being told about us.


But most of what we label a breach of trust is simply our egos needing the spotlight.


Redefining trust


What is your definition of trust? Does it include that no one will ever hurt you? Betray you? Put their own interests ahead of yours? If so, life is bound to be a journey riddled with chaos and suffering. It’s useful to examine what trust means to you because often it’s a cover for expectation.


The concept of broken trust can be used to justify suffering and in some cases is a red herring designed to keep us from owning how we participated in an experience. Examining our role isn’t about victim-blaming. But rather a way to experience the power that comes from owning how we helped to create a situation when we ignore signs that the path we’re on does not align with our true selves.


How to know when to trust?


Kevin found me through a mutual friend and reached out because he was on the verge of making a decision about going into business with someone. “No matter what I do, I can’t find clarity,” he told me. “I’ve known this person for years and he has a successful track record. My mind wants to sign on the dotted line, but something is stopping me.”


After settling in, we opened Kevin’s Akashic Records and were shown three past lives in quick succession. In the first, he was a tailor approached by the owner of a textile company who wanted to partner in a clothing manufacturing company. Kevin had been looking for ways to expand his business and it seemed like the opportunity he’d been dreaming of.


Within six months, he discovered his partner was embezzling funds and depleted the company’s coffers to the point where bills hadn’t been paid and vendors were threatening to sue. In the end, not only did he lose the business, but also his house, and his family was forced to move back in with his wife’s parents.


The energy of past lives lingers


In the second life, Kevin was a boy working at a local shop, along with a couple of friends. They stocked shelves, took out trash and swept the floors. When the owner discovered that several pairs of pants were missing, he lined the boys up in the back of the store and threatened to fire all of them if the guilty party didn’t confess.


Kevin was shocked when one of his friends, who had lied to teachers and other adults about things he had done before, pointed the finger at him. No matter how much he tried to defend himself, the boss wasn’t listening, and he was fired on the spot. His family counted on the money he made at this job, and he was punished for losing it.


The third life the Akashic Masters revealed showed us Kevin as a young man infatuated with a beautiful woman. Although he wasn’t handsome, he had a title and money and convinced himself that was enough to woo and marry her.


They eventually did get married. And his heart was broken repeatedly as she had affair after affair, knowing he would be too humiliated to tell anyone about it. In the end, he wasn’t even sure if the children she bore were his and died sad and lonely in a loveless marriage.


The real meaning of trust


When his Akashic Records were closed, Kevin immediately said, “How could I have not seen what was coming in all of those scenarios?” He went on to discuss how hard he’d been working to access his intuition and learn to trust that guidance instead of blindly accepting what his mind said. “I’ve gone with logic and reason for years and I’m not sure it’s gotten me very far,” he admitted. “I want to hear my inner voice, but with this potential deal it’s nothing but static.”


We did Quantum Healing work to release the learned karmic patterns, past life vows that held him stuck, and soul contracts from those lives. It was only a couple of weeks later that I received an e-mail. “Learning about how I behaved in those lives really cleared something out for me,” Kevin shared. “My meditations after our session began showing me little things that I was overlooking around this deal. Our work helped me open my eyes and trust myself.”


Kevin didn’t take advantage of the opportunity with his friend. Being able to hear his intuition provided him with the perspective that otherwise is only gained through time. Most importantly, he learned how to redefine trust, acknowledge signs that weren’t aligned with his true self, and instead of making it about trusting others found a way to trust his inner voice enough to act on it.


Learning about your Akashic Records is a wonderful way to increase trust in yourself because you’ll get to know yourself on a much more expansive level. I created my upcoming “Learn to Access Your Akashic Records” Course 1, as a way to support your journey and fully own your personal power. It starts on September 18th so don’t wait to reserve your spot. You can learn more and register here ( Or you can always book a private session.


Whatever way you choose to begin, I encourage you to simply start. Let me know how I can help.




Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I awaken to the memory of the ancient soul I AM.
With this memory, I know I can trust myself and my inner guidance.
I am a divine soul having a human experience and it is good.
So it is. Blessed Be.



Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I ask for assistance in releasing the
trauma and pain in my life that has stopped me from trusting.
Please help me to be strong and to know there are many souls here to support me.
Their intentions are noble and I trust myself to be safe with them.
I relax and open my heart to feel their goodness.
I give great thanks each time a kind and loving soul assists me on my path.
So it is. Blessed Be.


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