Transform Your Limiting Money Beliefs

Transform Your Limiting Money Beliefs

Do you want to be free from the old struggle that isn’t even yours?

Are you ready to claim your financial freedom?

Would you like to receive over 6 hours of Akashic Record Healing Energy and processes to clear your money issues?

If you’ve been in a financial rut forever, the time is NOW to learn some new & some ancient tools to help you move forward on your path of abundance. Not only will I teach you how to clear old contracts and vows you’ve made but I’ll use my proven healing system to help you release as many layers of money blocks as we can in 4 concentrated hours of healing all supported by the Masters of the Akashic Record.

Transform Your Limiting Money Beliefs Includes:

  • 3 – 1 1/2 hour Empowerment Sessions with Akashic Healing Energy
  • 13 page Manual with the Healing Prayer Tools and Energy Grace Points
  • Downloadable mp3s so you can access the materials at anytime.
  • Healing Energy embedded in mp3s

BONUS 1: Guided, Guarded & Protected Meditation

BONUS 2: Q & A with Akashic Clearing (Prerecorded 2 hour Healing Session)

BONUS 3: SAVE 25% on a private Akashic Reading with Lisa

Total package Value $679

Special Offer: $333

All Items in this package are in digital format for immediate download.

What You Will Learn

Session 1

In this session you will do a meditation to start creating boundaries so you can tell what information is yours and what is from other people. We’ll start to dig out hidden beliefs by creating transparency.

You’ll learn about the “Havingness Scale” and your ability to have that which you desire.

I’ll teach you an energy technique so you can start clearing old childhood beliefs, most of which belong to your parents and the adults around you.

Session 2

In this session we will work with and release group contracts and collective unconscious beliefs so we can free ourselves of the energy of others that is unknowingly holding us back.

We’ll work with the Karma you may have around money. With the Akashic Energy and guidance you will be able to clear karma with people from past lives. Many of us have had dubious business dealings, were pirates or prostitutes or ended in Debtors Prison in a past lifetime. Our souls desire to grow and overcome these past traumas by re-creating them in this life. We’ll help your soul grow and release that old energy. We’ll also bath in the Akashic River of Forgiveness so you can move forward with ease.

Session 3

In this session, we’ll learn about Vows we’ve taken in past lives. Many spiritual people and light workers are held back by their old vows of poverty, renunciation and minimalism. They affect us more than we imagine. We’ll clear them with the assistance of the Akashic Masters and ancient healing tools.

As an added boost we’ll Reclaim Lives of Joy and Abundance.

We’ll also balance the old belief that it is “divine to give but greedy to receive” along with other energies that keep us closed to receiving. We’ll also take stock of how far we’ve come. What is our Havingness Scale now?

We will expand our energy into the great Creator Beings we truly are and do a guided meditation to connect with our present time hearts and the gifts that our here for you.

13 page Manual

This manual is a downloadable 13 page eBook so you can easily follow along with all the process and the read along with the clearing prayers and various tools included in the course.

2 hour Q & A with Akashic Clearing

This is a pre-recorded call in which we do more clearing and releasing of issues and subjects that arose during the class. Plus I guided you through the expansive Soul Signature meditation to help you connect to your new clients, friends and soul family members and bring Abundance of all kinds into your life.



Guarded, Guided, and Protected Energy Meditation

  • Do you know which thoughts and feelings are yours and which one come from someone else?
  • Have you thought that you don’t have the best boundaries with people but you don’t know how to create them?
  • It is very surprising to know that for most people 60-90% of their emotions & thoughts aren’t even theirs.
  • By clearing your energy field and filling yourself up with your “personal best” energy, you can claim your own feelings and find your way in life with your true desires, not someone else’s.

When you complete this guided meditation, you will have a clear energy field, from the inside out and this will allow you to be guided and protected as you take your next steps. Without building walls, you will also be guarded and solid, like a beautiful Golden Egg.

Try this meditation everyday for a week and you will see your world change around you as you claim your Souls energy and purpose.




(when you purchase a 55 minute phone consultation. No value without purchase.)

Lisa will access your Akashic Records to see the true nature and core beliefs behind your issues, pain and blocks. Guided by your questions, she channels information from your Masters of your Akashic Record. Information about your Soul’s plan and Soul contracts, your life’s purpose or how your past lives are affecting this lifetime are all available to us in the Akashic Record.

Transform Your Limiting Money Beliefs

Total package Value $679
Special Offer: $333


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