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October 7th – 8th


In this 2-day workshop, you will learn how to access your own Akashic Record using a vibrational key in the form of a sacred prayer. This is an empowerment tool for life as you receive divine guidance from your soul library. You will learn how to ask questions that will give you the most beneficial answers, release old patterns that no longer serve you, turn off doubt and align your 3 Brains for greater insight, gain clarity around the creative steps to take next, and work with soul contracts that no longer serve you.


November 11th – 12th

ANCIENT MYSTERIES REVEALED Holistic Cruise and Seminar at Sea

Lisa will be doing two workshops on the cruise:
  • Transforming Limiting Money Beliefs with the assistance of the Akashic Masters
  • Clear Blocks & Trauma from your Life with Ancient Soul Wisdom from the Akashic Records

She will also do Private Akashic Reading & Healing Sessions on board the cruise.


Upcoming Events


This is very powerful.

I’ve been doing your Soul Signature meditation daily, leaving my symbol everywhere in the galaxy. I have seen an increase in my clientele every day. I even saw you Soul Symbol written across the sky by 3 airplanes crossing. Beautiful validation....

I am very grateful for this teaching...

Dear Lisa.

I’ve been having an amazing and life-changing few months, since I took your tele-seminar and learned to access my Akashic Record. I wanted to share a bit of what I’m doing, with you.

My Akashic Record Masters & Tea...


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