Why a Sanctuary is Vital

The world can feel like an unsafe place right now. This is why it’s so important to have a comfortable space where we can recoup and rest. The Akashic Masters tell me that this is an integral part of the foundation necessary to accomplish what we came here for. The respite required from the experiences and interactions we deal with every day requires a sanctuary. What it looks like depends on who we believe we are at this moment. 

Finding the answers

Upgrading this part of your life may require you to explore past life experiences. If you are not satisfied with your living space, you may appreciate Martha’s story.

My client Martha moved eleven times in fifteen years. “I can’t seem to put roots down,” she said. “I get dissatisfied so easily and then I get furious with myself.” I suspected it wasn’t as much about an inability to put down roots or becoming dissatisfied as it was a fear that if she built that safety net for herself, it would be taken away.

Look to past life experiences

When we accessed Martha’s Akashic Records, my suspicion was confirmed. In the first life that was shown to us, Martha experienced a terrible fire in her home that destroyed everything. As a young mother, her concern was for her children and she managed to get them out, but her elderly mother who recently had moved in wasn’t as fortunate.

She and her husband were forced to live in a neighbor’s barn for several months while trying to rebuild their home. The process was slow and during that time, her husband received a wonderful job offer so they moved to an unfamiliar place. Martha was alone with no friends and no mother. Although she tried to create a social life for herself and her family, her attempts were unsuccessful, leaving her feeling lonely and bitter.

Often times it’s not just one

As Martha processed all she learned, the Akashic Masters opened the door to another life where she had been a young soldier. Before the war, she was content living at home with her parents and siblings, feeling safe and cared for. There was always plenty of food and a warm blanket, with songs to sing and games to play before they all went to sleep.

After becoming a soldier, where she fought for several years for her country, Martha was forced to get used to discomfort, poor sleep, and mostly inedible food. Although the camaraderie with fellow soldiers was some comfort, she missed her family deeply.

When news came that the war was over, Martha began the journey home excited to reclaim her old life. But when she arrived, the house was ragged and empty. It appeared no one had lived there in quite some time. She discovered her father had died from a virus, and her mother had moved with the younger siblings to her sister’s a hundred miles away.

How the past affects the present

We sat quietly together afterward. When she finally spoke, Martha was emotional. “No wonder I don’t want to get too comfortable,” she said. “I wonder how many other times my sanctuary was taken from me.”

After the Akashic Record Keepers assisted in releasing these old karmic patterns, and any promises or vows she might have made to herself or others during these lives, I felt her become lighter “It’s like a weight has been lifted from me,” she agreed. “I’ve spent so much of my home life in chaos, moving from one place to the next, packing and unpacking, never settled. I’m ready for that to change.”

It’s impossible to know how your past lives impact your current ones without exploring them. In this time, where the energy is ever-shifting and changing at a rapid pace, the Akashic Masters keep reminding me that it is time for an upgrade. An upgrade to our thinking, our behavior, and our circumstances.

The results can be amazing

Since our reading, Martha has created the loveliest living space for herself. It’s a place where she can breathe and release the stress and tension of the world. Filled with what she finds beautiful – artwork, several musical instruments including a baby grand piano (I always wanted one but talked myself out of it projecting what it would be like to have to move or let go of it, she admitted), and colorful furniture.

It is the sanctuary she’d always wanted but could never give herself permission to have. This is a powerful upgrade. The level of safety and calm she feels from spending time in it has helped to change her behavior when she’s upset or frustrated. Knowing she has such a magnificent space to return to at the end of the day has changed her beliefs about what she is worthy of. All of this contributes to and supports the work she does to bring more light to this world.

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