Why Creativity is Necessary for a Strong Foundation

How creativity happens has baffled scientists for years. Many now say that because it’s one of the most complex human behaviors, it probably requires several parts of the brain to have creative thought. Regardless of where in the brain the actual process takes place, the Akashic Masters have shared with me that the ability to tap into your creativity is another way to upgrade your life and empower yourself to be an integral part of raising consciousness on our planet.  

What exactly is creativity?

I hear so many people say, “I’m just not creative.” Then they run through a litany of what they cannot Write. Paint. Draw. I am amused by the limitations we place on the whole process of creativity because, to me, it includes so much more than the standard list of activities people offer as proof of their inability to be creative.

If you have a knack for arranging pictures on a wall, that’s creative. When you take a recipe and make it your own, that’s creative. Putting together a stylish outfit, being able to apply make-up in a way that transforms you, folding a napkin like a swan – all of these are creative endeavors. And the Akashic Masters assure me accessing that part of your mind and soul is a huge piece of the puzzle to upgrading your life. 

Past life connections

Sasha was motivated to reach out to me after attending a party at one of those venues where everyone brings a bottle of wine and paints their own version of a van Gogh or even a dog playing poker. “I was so excited about it,” she shared. “But when I got there, I felt myself freeze. Even with a couple of glasses of wine, I couldn’t finish a painting. Worse, all my friends had the time of their lives and I just wanted to hide in a corner.”

She hoped that exploring her past life might give her a clue about her behavior. “I’ve never been a very creative person,” she admitted. “I work in accounting and my life is mostly numbers and formulas. But the reaction I had to the idea of being creative disturbed me.” We settled in, creating a safe space for her to receive whatever her Akashic Records would reveal.

The despair of mixed messages

In the life we were shown, Sasha was a young gay man who was a magnificent artist. He sculpted lifelike busts and full-body statues from marble but hadn’t found a way to make it profitable. When we were first introduced, he was living in a rented room in someone’s house. 

As a gay man hundreds of years ago, it was not acceptable for him to be in an open relationship with another man. He fell in love with a wealthy business owner who set him up in a beautiful loft with enough room to both live and work. Although this man was married and had a family, he would come by when time allowed to visit and quench his romantic desires.

The messages this sent to Sasha were complicated and harmful. On the one hand, she had his financial support for the art. On the other, she was second best. At most, she got crumbs of her lover’s time. She was never able to see him on holidays and he was rarely available when she needed him most. 

These complex emotions created feelings of not being good enough and led her to question if she were merely a different kind of prostitute. All these feelings rolled over and affected her motivation and ability to be creative. The sculptures became darker and more macabre, making it even more difficult for them to be sold. 

Releasing past trauma

At the end of our time in her Akashic Records, we saw this talented man who had withered away physically from the sadness and grief of not being able to be in a full relationship with the person he loved. It was painful to see. It also helped Sasha to understand why she had the reaction she did at the painting party.

“I’ve always told myself I wasn’t creative. That being an artist was for other people, not for me.” She told me a bit about her childhood where creative endeavors were not encouraged or rewarded in the way puzzle solving and good grades in math and science were.

We asked for help from the Akashic Masters to release the past trauma and free Sasha to experience the spiritual connection needed to tap into her creative talent. It required some processing, but it didn’t take long before Sasha began to explore her inner artist.

“I’m taking it slow,” she said a few months later. “I signed up for a class at my local glass center. I felt a bit trepidatious at first, but everyone has been so nice and helpful. I’ve made my first candy dish!” 

Sasha checked in not too long ago and told me she has also started playing the guitar. “I am so grateful to have cleared that old trauma so I can enjoy the more creative side of me!” she shared. “I wish I’d known before now how much fun I was missing.”

If you are interested in starting to clear emotional pain and trauma so you can upgrade your life, consider taking take my free Healing Trauma quiz and look into my Healing Pain & Trauma Program. 

As always, I am here for private sessions if that’s what you prefer. Releasing the pain of trauma opens you up to experiences you can only imagine right now, and you are worthy of it! Until next time,


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I Am awakened creative energy.  

As I breathe into my heart, I ignite my creative energy.  

I see it spinning threads of gold light.  

As this golden ball of light spins ever faster within my chest,  

I activate the connection to my creative energy rings, 

 which slowly spin above my head.  

Please assist me in merging the strength of my  

creative energy in my heart with the creative energy of the universe. 

As these energies merge, I feel them spin as one,  

flowing through my head down into my heart and back up again.  

I ask for creative ideas to assist in my life. 

I am blessed and filled with gratitude. 

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